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Weight loss diet: Best and cheapest diet plan to help you shed the pounds fast

There are lots plans to follow when trying to lose weight, and knowing where to start can be a daunting task for many.

Finding a diet that fits around the busy schedules of slimmers can be a challenge, and to do this without spending a lot of money is also tricky.

The diet that can help people shift the most weight for the least amount of money has been revealed, according to an experiment on the ITV show, Save Money: Good Diet.

Testing out five diets including a liquid detox, meal replacement and vegan diet, over a four-week period, one diet proved to be the most effective when trying to shift the pounds on a budget.

Weight loss diet: Best and cheapest plan to help you shed the pounds

The Keto diet proved to be the cheapest way to slim down the waist line.

The diet recommends cutting out carbs and sugar to lose weight and instead eating high-fat food such as cheese, avocados and oil.

By cutting out carbs, this diet aims to train the body to burn fat instead of sugar, kicking off weight loss.

Save Money: Good Diet revealed slimmer Lorna, 40, shrunk down from 20st 2lb to 17st 3lb by following this diet plan.

The diet cost her £300.60 for the 28-day period, which meant it cost her just £7.33 per pound of weight she lost.

The Radical Metabolism diet proved the most costly, with dieter Louise spending £30.59 per pound lost.

Dieter Louise went from 16st 6lb to 15st 1lb by following a four-day detox with a diet filled with gut-friendly food to boost the metabolism.

Meal replacement diets seem like a quick and easy way to lose weight, but they can be expensive.

Following the meal replacement plan, XLS nutrition, Sincy dropped from 15st 5lb to 14st 7lb by having high-protein shakes, spending £26.33 per pound lost.

A vegan diet is another popular option for dieters and those following it cut out all meat, fish and dairy products from their diet.

Instead, those following this diet can fill up on fruits, vegetables and wholegrain products and this worked out at £20.27 per pound dropped.

The Pinch of Nom diet was the second cheapest diet featured on Save Money: Good Diet for those hoping to lose weight.

For those wanting to try it out, it is made up of three calorie-controlled meals a day chosen from the plan.

Dieter, Monty, tried this out and cut down from 20st 12lb to 20st, meaning the diet cost £19.34 per pound lost.

One woman shared her transformation as she lost 11st by following the keto diet. 

Eating fibre for breakfast could help dieters slim down by keeping them feeling fuller for longer, according to research. 

Johnny Vegas’ keto diet plan breakfast that helped him lose three stone has been revealed. 

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