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Sweet-tooth slimmer lost a whopping 4.7st while still eating a ‘good amount of chocolate’

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After Grants Roberts stepped on the scales and saw he weighed 97kgs (15 stone), he realised he needed to make a change. And by using helpful calorie counter MyFitnessPal, he lost a whopping 4.7 stone.

Recalling the day he decided to change his life, Grant said: “It was my biggest wake-up call.

“At 5’9, I didn’t want to be 100kg.”

So he started his journey to a fitter, healthier him and five years later, he’s transformed not only his body, but his life too.

“I reached my ideal body composition about a year into using MyFitnessPal religiously every day and noticed a huge difference when I actually started tracking my calories and macros,” Grant explained.

“I like to be organised so I continuously log as it keeps me accountable and ensures I’m eating what I need to for my recent goals of building more muscle and then dropping body fat as needed.”

He now sits at a healthy 75–80kgs, having built a good amount of lean muscle.

Having found a love for nutrition and fitness, Grant is now qualified in these fields as a coach and he likes to transfer the knowledge he’s gained from his own experiences to his clients.

“I also like to practice what I preach to my clients and have all of them using [MyFitnessPal] also,” he smiled.

The app calculates the number of calories a person has consumed from food and burned from exercise throughout the day.

Once entered, it states how many calories are left to consume for the day.

If a person sticks within their specific calorie limits, they should achieve the weight loss (or gain) they’re aiming for.

And Grant is thankful to the app for his life-changing transformation.

“Even though I do have a very good knowledge of food, calories and overall nutritional information and could easily use MyFitnessPal as an every now and then thing, it’s just part of my routine to track with MyFitnessPal now,” he said.

“Five years straight and counting!”

Despite now following an incredibly healthy diet plan, it doesn’t stop him from living life to the fullest and enjoying his food.

He admits he still indulges in his favourite thing: chocolate.

“Chocolate is my biggest temptation,” Grant grinned.

“I’ve got such a sweet tooth!

“MyFitnessPal has helped me learn what I can actually get away with and how to fit a good amount of chocolate into a balanced healthy eating routine.”

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