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‘Steer clear!’ Michael Mosley on the 2 foods to avoid to lose belly fat during menopause

Dr Michael Mosley on the importance of routine for sleep

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Losing weight can be difficult at the best of times, but women who are experiencing menopause have greater difficulty due to hormone imbalances. Michael Mosley, creator of The Fast 800 diet, and his wife, Dr Clare shared the “best diet for menopause”. 

“As women go through the menopause, it doubles their risk of developing metabolic syndrome. 

“This is a combination of a large waist, high blood pressure, high sugars and high blood fat,” Dr Michael said. 

“They’re [also] at great risk of laying down visceral fat, the fat shifts, if you like, towards the abdominal area – and that’s high-risk fat.

“One of the main reasons why women put on weight is a fall in oestrogen levels. 

“This leads to women storing more fat around the middle (which is the unhealthy, visceral fat), rather than on the thighs or the bottom.⁠”

“Weight gain and bloating are common symptoms women may experience during menopause,” so what can they do to combat this?

Dr Clare shared her “simple tips” to help menopausal women lose weight. 

Don’t forget about protein 

“Protein is vitally important for growth repair and the maintenance of muscle mass,” she explained. 

“It also helps to leave you feeling fuller and curb cravings throughout the day.”

Steer clear of processed foods 

“Processed foods tend to have emulsifiers that upset your gut and they often contain significant levels of sweeteners, starch and carbohydrates,” the health expert added. 

Reduce alcohol intake 

Dr Clare said: “Alcohol contains high levels of sugar and carbohydrates that your body doesn’t need which ends up being stored around the middle.” 

Eat more healthy fats 

“In a study carried out by researchers at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute, over ten years, women who regularly consumed full fat milk saw a lower BMI,” she continued. 

Take an Omega 3 supplement and eat more oily fish 

“A great all-round supplement that will help improve metabolic health,” Dr Clare explained on the Fast 800 Instagram account. 

“There is also research to suggest that Omega 3 improves mood and increases brain function.” 

Dr Clare has a saying when it comes to consuming oily fish: “Remember SMASH: sardines, mackerel, anchovies, salmon, herring.” 

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