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Sophie Countess of Wessex: Prince Edward’s wife’s fitness regime revealed – is it pricey?

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 54, gained royal status courtesy of her marriage to Prince Edward. The PR guru wed the Queen’s son in 1999, at a ceremony at Windsor Castle. Despite juggling her role as a royal with a full-time job and mum-of-two, Sophie still manages to find time for fitness. Yet what does she do to stay in shape?

Sophie appears to be a fitness fanatic, with a variety of exercise interests.

MailOnline reports how Sophie, like TV presenter Holly Willoughby, enjoys Pilates to work her core and postural muscles.

She also enjoys working out on her cross trainer and going for a swim.

The republication reports how she “runs three miles a week, sometimes with Edward” around the 52 acres of their home.

Yet one healthy passtime which might be out of reach for some is Sophie’s cycling passion.

She uses a carbon lightweight bike with 20 gears, yet this has the hefty price tag of £999.99.

A source added: “Army personal trainers keep Sophie in peak fitness as she prepares.

“Though, having endured years of back pain, she also knows when to rest.

“And during the summer holiday at Balmoral with her family, she’ll be racing about on two wheels, whatever the weather.”

It appears Sophie has much in common with Meghan Markle, her niece-in-law, who also enjoys keeping fit and healthy with yoga and meditation sessions.

Meanwhile, the issue of whether or not Sophie will be granted the title of Princess was recently analysed.

Sophie has been part of the Royal Family since her wedding on 19 June 1999. The ceremony took place at Windsor Castle and was attended by royals including Prince Charles, 70, and the Queen, 93.

They have had two children together, Lady Louise Windsor, 15, and James Viscount Severn, 12.

Sophie is the daughter-in-law of the Queen, but she could never become a Princess for one key reason.

Since she married a Prince, it would be safe to assume Sophie would have been given the title of Princess, but this was not the case.

Instead, she was styled as the Countess of Wessex when she married, and Prince Edward became the Earl of Wessex.

While a Prince will usually become a Duke when they marry, Edward was reportedly given the title of Earl by request.

Those who marry into the Royal Family take on the feminine version of their husband’s name so this choice meant she also missed out on the title of Duchess.

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