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‘So embarrassed’ Woman shed 8 stone after being branded the ‘big bridesmaid’

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Roshani, 35 and from Manchester felt ashamed of her size while trying on bridesmaids’ dresses for her sister’s wedding. Everyone else was a size eight to 10 and she was the only bridesmaid of a size 16. With a stressful job, Roshani’s self-esteem hit rock bottom and her diet consisted of sugary snacks, takeaways and alcohol in a bid to cope with the stress. As a result, her weight reached 12.7 stone and after realising how unhappy she was, Roshani decided to lose weight. In a year, Roshani lost a whopping eight stone – she told exactly how she achieved it.

In terms of how her size affected her life, Roshani said: “[It]affected my confidence, so without realising it, it held me back from certain things; shopping in the places I wanted to shop, going for things at work and speaking up, or going to certain social events. 

“It’s quite interesting to look back and realise how much you miss out on when you aren’t confident in your own skin.” 

She also explained how her weight affected her health: “I was under the illusion that I was ok.  

“I would tell myself I wasn’t ‘that unhealthy’ but in reality, it was more than just my looks. 

“My skin was terrible, I was tired and short-tempered all the time and didn’t have any energy. I didn’t do any exercise or even drink water. 

“I was in a cycle that I couldn’t get out of because I didn’t know how.

“Unfortunately, at the time I wasn’t really conscious of what being overweight like that was doing to my health,” Roshani added. 

As for why she wanted to drop a few dress sizes, she revealed: “At first I wanted to lose weight so I wasn’t embarrassed with how I looked anymore.

“My sister was getting married and I genuinely didn’t want to be the ‘big bridesmaid’ on her wedding pictures.

“At the bridesmaid dress fitting, I put on a fake smile but was in a dress at least three times bigger than everyone else.

“After the fitting, I felt deflated. It was a week after that event I went for my consultation at Ultimate Performance.  

“Once I started working with Justin and I started to get fitter and stronger it stopped being so much about a number on the scale. I started to get addicted to the training and pushing myself in the gym,” she continued. 

Roshani signed up to three one-hour workouts a week with a personal trainer at Ultimate Performance in Manchester. 

She also increased her step count to 10,000 a day. 

As a result, Roshani lost an amazing eight stone and went from a UK size 16 to a size six. 

Her body fat percentage also dropped nearly 30 percent. 

This was all achieved over a total of 97 sessions spread out across 59 weeks and the majority of those sessions were done virtually during two of the nationwide lockdowns. 

Discussing the diet and exercise plan she followed, Roshani said: “I cleaned up my diet and made sure I was eating exactly what I should be I was filling up on wholesome foods so I never felt hungry.  

“I didn’t cut out carbs which I thought I might have to. 

“The majority of my weight was lost during lockdown so I was doing at home weights sessions five times a week, some virtually with Justin, with two 10kg weights and some resistance bands with cycling and walking in between.  

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“Once the gyms were back open we were doing all different kinds of weight sessions three times a week which I love and I have continued to keep up with now.  

“I never really saw this as a diet, it all just clicked quite easily.” 

Speaking about Ultimate Performance further, Roshani said: “Ultimate Performance are experts and they’re so different to other personal trainers.  

“They focus on you as an individual and educate you on how to train properly, eat well and balance the two – which is so important.  

“They push you and genuinely keep you accountable to help you to achieve goals you never thought were possible.  

“Losing weight isn’t rocket science, and with the right support you really can achieve anything.” 

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