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Simon Cowell diet plan: How did Britain’s Got Talent judge manage ‘crazy’ weight loss?

Simon Cowell has lost a substantial amount of weight in recent months. So much so that his Britain’s Got Talent hosts are commenting on it.


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Simon, a popular TV judge, has lost around 20lbs, an impressive feat.

Amanda Holden said: “It’s crazy because when you see someone all the time you don’t really notice when they are putting on weight.

“With Simon it was such a gradual thing, but I noticed immediately that he had lost weight.

“We finished auditions last year and then got back together two weeks later for deliberations and I said straight away, ‘Right, what have you been doing, because you look amazing!’”

So what exactly has Simon Cowell, 60, done to lose the three stone?

The judge was inspired lose weight after a health scare in 2017 saw him rushed to hospital after the music mogul collapsed.

A frightening incident, it inspired Simon to shed some weight.

Simon followed a vegan diet to slim down, eradicating animal products from his diet.

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He also cut sugar from his diet.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “I cut out a lot of stuff that I shouldn’t have been eating and that was primarily meat, dairy, wheat, sugar – those were the four main things.”

He went on: “I was allergic to melon, so I didn’t eat it for six months, but I saw this man and he explained it and it made sense.

“Within 24 hours I changed my diet and I’ve not looked back since. You feel better, you look better.”

Similarly, he is now sensible with the amount he is drinking.


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Last night Britain’s Got Talent returned, and one act left the judges speechless.

A dance group proceeded to create a human tower with one of the dancers forming a horizontal plank at the very top at least 15-20ft in the air.

It was what happened next that left judge Simon speechless when a stunt could have gone very badly wrong.

Once the human tower was complete, one dancer took a leap with the help of his team to stand on the top of the tower.

Another TV star who has lost weight is Arg from TOWIE. 

James Argent was a regular on The Only Way is Essex, and is in a relationship with star of the show Gemma Collins.

In a recent image the star is seen running in a jumper and shorts. He looks much slimmer.

He wrote in the caption: “I’m making progress, Inside & Outside. One day at a time.”

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