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Self-defence: The ’empowering’ skill that can improve fitness levels

Marcin Reszka is a self-defence instructor and an expert in krav maga. Krav maga is a type of self-defence that combines a mixture of techniques sourced from aikido, boxing, wrestling, judo, and karate.

Marcin has just launched a new app called Urban Self Defence, available to download from Google Play or the Apple store now.

The app costs £4.99 a month for subscribers, or £49.99 for the year.

On the app, users can choose from an array of videos to teach themselves many different kinds of self-defence techniques, starting from a beginner’s level.

There are also both high intensity and low intensity fitness videos that users can follow to implement exercise into their daily routine.

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Marcin spoke to about the benefits of self-defence, for both the body and the mind.

“Self-defence is important because it empowers people,” Marcin said.

He added: “It makes you aware of the dangers you can face on the street, and if you practice, it can also improve your body language so you might not get attacked in the first place.

“You will walk down the street more confidently.”

Marcin continued: “Self-defence improves your technique, but also makes you more active and fit, consequently leading to weight loss.”

When it comes to self-defence, Marcin emphasised that it’s “not always about fighting”.

He said: “The first thing I teach people is that self-defence is about being aware of the scenario that you’re in, using your voice, and trying to attract the attention of other people as the attacker will then be less likely to attack.

“And then, if needed, you decide which self-defence technique to use,” he added.

There are many self-defence technical videos on Marcin’s app, for beginners to follow and copy the instructor’s techniques.

There are also fitness videos on the app, and Marcin recommended following these for a few minutes every morning.

For beginners that are just starting to do exercise to lose weight, he advised that “twenty minutes a day is enough”.

“My advice is to work out in the mornings as by the end of the day you might be tired and can no longer be bothered to do any exercise,” Marcin said.

He added: “Motivation is also key with doing fitness to lose weight. You need to do something that you will enjoy and make working out fun.”

The self-defence instructor said that even dancing in your room can be enough physical activity for a day.

Marcin advised walking too, saying: “Walking is a good form of exercise that you can incorporate in your day and it also calms your mind. It is a type of active meditation.”

Another tip Marcin had to motivate you to do exercise was to “put things in your room that you can see and that you can use during your breaks from working”.

Some examples he gave were to have “a bar across your door that you can do pull-ups on” and “a kettle bell in the corner of your room”.

Marcin also empahsised the importance of eating healthily while doing exercise or self-defence sessions: “Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and make sure to eat fresh foods instead of processed foods.

“Also, make sure that you are not eating just because you are bored,” he added.

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