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Sarah Ferguson showed off very slim figure this week – how the Duchess lost five stone

Sarah Ferguson is a member of the Royal Family and ex wife of Prince Andrew, also 59.

The Duchess of York married the Queen’s second eldest son in 1986, but they divorced 10 years later.

During her time in the limelight her weight has fluctuated, perhaps not surprisingly while she was pregnant with her daughters Princess Beatrice, 30, and Princess Eugenie, 29.

So how has the Duchess lost weight in past years.

Sarah Ferguson: How did Fergie lost weight? Prince Andrew’s ex looks slim

During her weight loss journey Sarah has shed a whopping five stone, no easy feat.

The Duchess of York has been very frank about the eating habits that led her to put on weight in the past.

Revealing she ate to comfort her self during painful times in her life, she told the Daily Mail: “My parents divorced when I was 12 and to compensate I started eating my favourite comfort foods. I’d gain weight, only to take great pains to lose it, then regain it.

“I found consolation in sausages, several rounds a day, butter and boiled eggs.”

Later, she told how missing her husband during their marriage caused her to turn to overeating.

Prince Andrew worked for the navy, and was away at sea for long periods of their relationship.

However it was working with personal trainer Josh Salzmann who helped Fergie turn it around.

On his website Fergie has penned a testimonial, which reads: “I am delighted to write this testimonial, as Josh and I have been through so many of different life obstacles and even in my most trying and despairing moments, Josh was there, and I got back on the bike!

“Fitness is mind, body and spirit, Josh always says…’Free your mind and your bottom will follow’…I personally believe in listening to your body and smart training.

“Don’t overtrain, and sleep and good nutrition is just as important. All of these values have been taught by Josh to me, and I personally can say I have lost close to 50 pounds, by not over training and incorporating the above disciplines.”

Sarah has also worked for Weight Watchers as a spokeswoman for the brand.

Claiming to lose five stone and 10 pounds on the diet. At the time she said: “It was my difficulties with weight control that made Weight Watchers approach me to be their spokesperson.

“That relationship changed my life, marking an important turning point when my weight, health, personal life and finances all started to come under control.”

Sarah Ferguson ‘broke protocol’ after Prince Andrew split according to experts. 

Speaking exclusively to, Ariane has now shared her analysis on how the Duchess of York’s make-up has changed over the years.

“Generally speaking, I think Sarah Ferguson’s makeup looks good,” she said. “It definitely reflects the time in which the photographs were taken and we can see a shift in the amount and the boldness of her makeup from before and during her marriage to after her divorce.

“I personally think she looks better now than ever.”

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