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Rick Stein weight loss: Chef has one surprising food for breakfast to avoid ‘hunger pangs’

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Rick Stein, 74, is a familiar face on British TV thanks to his cooking shows and documentaries. Fans of the chef will have noticed his weight loss transformation in recent years. How has he managed to maintain his ideal weight?

Rick is fit and active for his age due to a balanced diet and plenty of exercise.

He makes sure to fit his five-a-day into his daily routine and enjoys swimming.

However, most interestingly, the chef eats a surprising food for breakfast every day.

“I find that the heat from chilli counteracts hunger pangs, which I believe is why it’s so popular in the developing world,” he told the Guardian.

“So I have a very spicy Vietnamese pho for breakfast.”

The chef began to eat chilli in the morning after he noticed his weight gain.

He had put on four kilograms while on holiday.

But Rick shared that he diets “regularly” to maintain his goal weight, and also eats fewer carbohydrates.

“I’m dieting now. I’m nearly six foot and more than 15 stone,” the 74-year-old told the Daily Mail back in 2013.

“My ideal would be 14st. I’m classed as ‘overweight’ but I’m not that fussed as I take enough exercise.”

Rick added that he eats “a lot of meat and veg and cut out the carbohydrates”.

As for exercise, he makes sure to use stairs instead of the escalators and swims often.

He said: “I make a point of not using escalators.

“I don’t go to the gym, but swim virtually every day in the sea in Cornwall, winter and summer.”

The chef added that he often achieves to eat his five-a-day, saying: “If you cook regularly at home, you naturally bring lots of fruit and veg into your diet.

“I love English apples, so at this time of the year I’m in heaven.

“I don’t avoid much, but I used to find pumpkins boring until I discovered sweeter varieties.”

As for avoiding carbohydrates, Rick doesn’t always “totally” stick to it.

“I love bread,” he said.

“It’s just about eating less.”

The chef also enjoys alcohol, admitting: “I drink too much wine – on an average week about 40 units, double what it should be.

“I know I drink too much, but God, life’s too bloody short and wine’s too nice.”

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