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Rebel Wilson weight loss: Rebel’s PT shares top three diet tips – stay ‘fuller for longer’

Rebel Wilson discusses her decision to lose weight in 2020

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Weight loss is not easy but there are some diet plan tips which can give great results. The man behind Rebel Wilson’s transformation, Jono Castano has shared the best tips for getting into shape.

Jono has trained everyone from Rita Ora to Rebel Wilson.

With many successful clients under his belt, it is clear he knows what he is talking about when it comes to fitness.

Speaking with, the expert opened up on the top three tips to follow when trying to lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle.

What diet changes should you make?

Stay hydrated

Drinking water has a number of benefits for the body and skin, and it can be key when trying to lose a few pounds.

Jono said: “Staying hydrated has so many added benefits for your body.

“It helps with digestion, absorbs nutrients and gets rid of waste products.”

Thirst can also be mistaken for hunger which can cause some people to overeat.

“It also keeps you fuller for longer as when you are thirsty, you can mistake that for hunger,” Jono added.

Calories in v calories out

There are many different diet plans offering weight loss results.

However, Jono explained the simplest way to lose weight or stay in shape is to not overeat.

Making sure dieters do not eat more calories than their body needs is key, Jono explained.

Eating a balanced plan is also important and slimmers should aim to eat a mix of all nutrients.

“For any body transformation, it always comes down to this simple equation,” Jono continued.

“Always include a balance of good fats, protein, carbs and fibre in your diet to ensure you are getting the most out of your food.”

Eat to be satisfied

To avoid eating too many calories, the PT suggested dieters stop eating as soon as they feel full.

Eating past the point of fullness can cause weight gain, the expert added.

He said: “Overeating can leave you feeling full, sluggish and tired as your body is using more energy to digest.

“Eating mindfully helps you understand when you have had enough food.”

If trying to slim down, dieters should combine a healthy diet plan with regular exercise for the best results.

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