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Rebel Wilson weight loss: Expert claims high protein diet behind whopping transformation

Rebel Wilson discusses her decision to lose weight in 2020

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Rebel Wilson is well known for her performances as an actor, comedian and writer. She has spoken about her weight loss transformation over the last year and a fitness expert has shared insight of some of the diet and exercise plans she may have used.

How did Rebel Wilson lose weight?

The Hollywood actor has addressed her weight loss in the past, posting pictures of her progress and opening up on her goals to improve her fitness.

She has used social media to post pictures and videos of her high intensity workouts.

The film star also explained she has followed a high protein diet when getting into shape.

Weight loss diet plan

Speaking to,  fitness expert and CEO of Bio-Synergy Daniel Herman said a change to her diet and exercise may have helped Rebel lose weight.

He spoke about her transformation and mission to improve her health.

Daniel commented: “When thinking about what Rebel has achieved I think it is important to highlight the fact that 12 months ago she set a goal to get healthy and fit publicly.

“This did two things, firstly it meant that her fans got behind her and gave her support which is a massive boost and mentally she was in the zone to achieve her goals.”

Rebel has previously opened up about eating foods high in protein. High protein foods can include meat, fish, dairy, tofu, nuts, seeds and protein powders.

Daniel continued: “More and more we are adopting a protein rich diet, which in some cases is supported by using high protein plant based or dairy protein shakes. 

“The World Health Organisation guidelines recommend that 20 percent of your daily calories should be derived from protein for health and wellbeing, if exercising regularly this may increase and a general rule of thumb is around 1g of protein per kilo of bodyweight.”

He continued to say her transformation may have been helped by intermittent fasting.

“Based on the physical changes it would seem that Rebel made a drastic change to her diet and created a more positive relationship with food, which may have been bolstered by following an intermittent fasting diet, such as 16:8,” Daniel explained.

“Intermittent fasting cycles between fasting and eating. A popular option is the 16/8 method, which restricts food intake for 16 hours and allows eating during an eight-hour window.”

Exercise regime

Rebel has given some glimpses into her workout regime as she reps out various moves in the gym.

To achieve effective results, Daniel claimed the Bridesmaids actor may have used a low intensity regime to begin before building up to more extreme workouts.

He said: “In terms of training, I would expect Rebel to have transitioned from a relatively low impact, low intensity regime, to one higher in intensity to promote lean muscle, which in turn boosts the body’s ability to burn fat more efficiently.

“Based on Rebel’s new physique I would imagine that she followed a rigorous schedule working out at least five times per week and that every 12 weeks her training was adapted to take account of increased fitness levels and to keep the momentum going. I would imagine that initially it was LISS based training accompanied with walking, transitioning into HIIT and weights.”

The expert estimated Rebel may have lost between 10 and 12 stone with her new regime, although other reports have claimed she has lost closer to five stone.

Daniel offered advice for anyone hoping to embark on their own fitness journey.

He concluded: “Set realistic goals, track your progress, focus on the big picture whether that be improved wellbeing and fitness or weight loss, so that you don’t get derailed by short term setbacks.

“Don’t set yourself up to fail i.e. if you love chocolate don’t cut it out completely, just cut back, otherwise more likely to fail and get into a yo-yo diet.

“Likewise, if you’ve never run before don’t aim to run an ultra-marathon in 12 weeks! If possible, also find a friend to join you on your journey.”

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