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Queen Letizia diet: Royal stays in shape by avoiding 1 drink – but it can be ‘a problem’

Queen Letizia of Spain at the CaixaForum cultural centre

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Queen Letizia became a member of the Spanish Royal Family in 2004, when she married Felipe VI of Spain. The royal was a journalist in her former life, often appearing on Spanish television. The 49-year-old doesn’t look much different to her days in the media – how does she stay in such good shape?

Thanks to a balanced diet and plenty of exercise, Letizia looks stunning at 49.

Although the Spanish Queen was criticised for her weight when she first joined the Spanish Royal Family in 2004 (for being too thin), Letizia has since revealed she eats a lot.

The mother-of-two said: “I don’t have any problem. I eat a lot.

“This is how I am, it’s my body type.”

Letizia makes sure to eat a mixture of healthy ingredients, including fish, eggs, kale, and spinach, accoridng to reports.

During a visit to Torrejoncillos school in Cáceres, Spain, the 49-year-old explained that her favourite foods include vegetables, fruit, salads, and purées.

These make up parts of the Perricone and Mediterranan diets, and Letizia reportedly follows both.

The Mediterranean diet consists of plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as proteins and healthy fats.

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This diet has been named “one of the healthiest diets on the planet” by many nutritionists, including Dr Michael Mosley.

Meanwhile, the Perricone diet, named after Dr Perricone, is a diet which consists of protein-rich foods, non-starchy vegetables, fruits, nuts, yoghurt, olive oil, and wholegrains – similar, therefore, to the Mediterranean diet.

Many celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss, have reportedly followed the Perricone diet.

Furthermore, Letizia tries to avoid sugar and doesn’t often touch ready meals, frozen foods, or pizzas.

As for drinks, she prefers to completely avoid coffee, fizzy drinks, and alcohol.

A royal source said: “She doesn’t really drink alcohol to be honest, which is sometimes a problem for the toasts.

“King Felipe VI, however, is a wine connoisseur and has a private wine cellar in the palace.”

Although it may be a problem as a royal who attends many engagements, avoiding alcohol can be an effective weight loss method as alcoholic beverages are usually high in calories.

Exercise is just as important as diet for weight loss and staying in shape, and Letizia ensures she works out often.

“If she exercises, she does it 100 percent. If she practices yoga, she wouldn’t stop until she knows as much as her instructor. She is like that with everything, with her body too. She watches what she eats to the extreme.”

Another close friend shared the Queen’s fitness regime, explaining that the King also joins in when he is around.

They said: “The queen practices weight exercises every other day. She always recommends them when someone asks her. If the king is free, he would join her gym routine, too.”

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