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Princess Eugenie diet: Royal ‘maintains steady weight’ – but is a ‘very adventurous eater’

Princess Eugenie: Expert on how royal has highlighted cause

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Princess Eugenie, 32, has maintained a steady weight during her adult years. The mother-of-one appears to have maintained the same weight post pregnancy and still looks fantastic. So what diet does she follow?

Sarah Campus, the founder of LDN MUMS FITNESS, spoke to to explain.

She said: “Princess Eugenie is a very adventurous eater and has a very diverse taste in food.

“She is an avid supporter of balanced nutrition paired with regular exercise, particularly HIIT training,” which the Princess has spoken about in the past.

Sarah added to “For breakfast, Eugenie is particularly keen in a freshly baked pastry.

“At lunch she will always reach for the healthy option where possible but also keen on vegetable pizza at dinner times.

“She prefers to cook for herself so she knows what’s in her food, but does enjoy dining out and enjoys chips, don’t we all!

“She particularly likes Italian food, but also other diverse cuisines too.

“In terms of hydration, her staple is free tea, as well as coke and sparkling water, then on the alcohol from she will usually reach for vodka and soda, but also partial to a cocktail,” the expert claimed.

Eugenie has admitted this, saying: “During the day I drink everything from green tea to coffee, Diet Coke to fizzy water.

“My favourite drink is vodka soda with loads of lime. Can’t beat that,” she said.

Instead of experiencing vast weight loss over the years, Eugenie for the most part has maintained a steady weight.

Sarah explained: “Princess Eugenie has maintained steady weight, following her healthy nutritious eating and active HIIT training.

“Keeping up with consistency is the answer to maintaining healthy sustainable weight.”

What exercises does Princess Eugenie follow?

The royal previously said: “I get up around 6:45am to start exercising by 7am.

“I go to the park from 7am to 8am.

“I do circuits, which I love because they’re quick: burpees, squat jumps, lunges, the whole lot.

“It’s much better, as I can’t run for a long time,” Eugenie told Harper’s Bazaar.

Sarah commented to “Eugenie enjoys regular HIIT training, and she is a particular fan of squat jumps, burpees and lunges – a mixture of bodyweight and cardio.

“She exercises regularly, getting up at 6.45am and getting started at 7am – where she does her circuits and then it’s done for the day.”

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