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Princess Anne: ‘Look as trim’ as the slender royal with no fuss diet and exercise habits

This Morning: Expert discusses the health benefits of walking

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What are the diet and exercise habits of royalty, and how can non-royals practice them too? spoke to Nutritionist Suzie Sawyer about how Princess Anne stays in shape.

According to Suzie, Princess Anne’s slim physique cannot be credited to expensive nutritionists and rigorous trainers, but to her own hard work, and a little luck.

She stated: “I’m sure Princess Anne, who is known to be frugal, is only utilising her own self-control, carefully assisted by some of nature’s wonderful powers.

“Plus, it can never be overstated that we are all individuals with our own genetics, hormones, gut microbiota, physical activity levels and muscle mass, which all play a part in our shape and weight.”

However, there are probably a few key lifestyle choices the Queen’s daughter makes in order to remain trim.

“Princess Anne is known to be very hardworking and controlled in the way she leads her life,” Suzie said.

“The point to take on board here is that energy input needs to be balanced with energy output and those that can eat what they want and not put on a kilo are few and far between.

“She is clearly very active which helps with overall calorie burn and metabolic rate.”

Despite being a former Olympic equestrian, this does not mean a life dedicated to exercise.

Suzie continued: “It’s not about spending hours in the gym but doing some form of physical exercise, even if that’s just walking around the block.”

According to Very Well Fit, a person who weighs 120lbs (8.5 stone) burns around 65 calories per mile of walking.

A person who weighs 180lbs (12.8st) burns about 100 calories per mile of walking.

Walking is a great, easily accessible exercise for those who want to lose weight or simply remain healthy.

Unlike paying for a gym membership or signing up to a Zumba class, running can be done wherever, whenever – free of charge.

Slimmers can accelerate the benefits of walking by adding a little more intensity to the exercise.

Picking up the pace, carrying a rucksack, mixing up the terrain and adding incline are all ways to maximise a daily walk.

However, exercise alone will not sculpt the perfect body, diet is key when trying to lose weight or get Princess Anne’s lean physique.

The expert suggested that the Princess Royal stocks up on plenty of healthy, protein-rich ingredients.

She said: “Metabolism is a vital factor in weight loss and needs amino acids, the body’s building blocks, to regulate its balance.

“One amino acid, namely Leucine, is key to blood sugar control as well as improving satiety and decreasing appetite.

“Eating protein including meat, dairy, eggs, beans, lentils, fish, nuts and seeds at every meal is key for these reasons.”

For those who have ditched certain food groups for example meat or dairy, Suzie recommended bridging the gaps with evidence-backed supplements.

She concluded: “Combining nutrition, lifestyle changes and a key supplement may have us keeping as trim as Princess Anne.”

Suzie Sawyer is a Clinical Nutritionist from Aminoscience, a range of evidence-backed food and botanical supplements borne out of amino acids.

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