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Paddy McGuinness weight loss: Top Gear host used this plan to shed 1st 12lb

Paddy McGuiness is the comedian who has hosted shows such as Take Me Out and Benchmark. Tonight, he will take on a new role as the presenter of the BBC show, Top Gear. As well as having a lot of success in his career, Paddy recently revealed how he managed to shape up. Posting on Instagram, the star gave an insight into the plan he used to lose 1st 12lb.

I now weigh 88.2kg with a 33in waist, I feel strong and good at that.

Paddy McGuiness

What did he do?

Posting before and after pictures on his Instagram account, Paddy revealed how a good diet and regular exercise helped him slim down.

He wrote: “This is a before and after pic from the four months of good diet and training I did.

“I really enjoyed it and definitely could have got leaner but I began to feel a bit to thin. I started at 92.7kg and finished at 78.7kg.”

In another post, Paddy explained he actually worked to put more weight on after initially losing 1st 12lb.

Paddy wrote: “I got down from around 26 per cent body fat to 12 per cent and went from a 36in waist to a 32in!

“I’m now somewhere in between these two pics shape wise, probably more to the first one after Chrimmy! I still enjoy training but I don’t fancy stripping that much fat again.

“I now weigh 88.2kg with a 33in waist, I feel strong and good at that.”

The popular presenter often updates fans on the exact workouts he does by posting videos and tips online.

Although he worked hard to get lean, Paddy often posts pictures of him enjoying treats and does not appear to let his weight loss restrict what he eats.

Another TV presenter, Lorraine Kelly, recently slimmed down and dropped two dress sizes.

The host revealed she did not weight herself, but managed to shape up by adding in aerobic exercise. 

Emmerdale star, Claire King, has also opened up about how she lost 10lb.

After initially losing weight by cutting out wheat, dairy and red meat, the slimmer used intermittent fasting to transform her body.

She followed the 5:2 diet which requires eating just 500 calories on two days of the week. 

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