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Molly-Mae Hague weight loss: Love Island star’s daily meal plan behind ‘incredible’ figure

Molly-Mae Hague says she's 'not in shape' for her holiday

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The social media star is often jet-setting across the globe and poses in bikinis for her Instagram page on a regular basis. Such pictures are often inundated with messages about Molly’s figure.

Recent images taken in Mexico elicited just that response from fans.

One told the influencer, “Wow, I need your figure.”

“You look incredible,” one said. Another referred to Molly as “my motivation”.

One dubbed Molly “goals” and another said, “OK but the body, sorry what?”

So, how does Molly-Mae maintain her figure? She recently expressed dissatisfaction with her body as she filmed herself packing for Mexico.

Molly said: “I definitely am not in the shape I want to be (for the trip).”

She went on: “I’ve really taken the pressure off with healthy eating and exercising recently.

“I’m just sort of embracing my natural body and not even worrying about how I look.”

She has spoken publically about her body, her diet, and her weight loss goals on many occasions.

In August last year, Molly told fans: “I’m on a really strict diet plan at the moment.

“For breakfast, I’m going to be having some cereal. I’ve been having the same breakfast for the last month. It is 30 grams of Coco Pops – an exciting breakfast.”

She added: “I’m on this diet plan that’s been given to me by this really great guy that specialises in body transformations and I’m just really trying to get back to my pre-Love Island body.”

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In March last year, the former Love Island contestant detailed what she eats in a day for a YouTube video.

She said the video was representative of a “complete lifestyle change” she undertook to feel confident after lockdown.

She said: “I’ve completely flipped my life upside down in terms of everything – exercise, food, water intake. Okay I still don’t drink enough water,” she said into the camera.

“I have been on a journey with my body, finding out what works for my body, what I need for my body to feel good.

“I’m proud I’ve managed to turn over a leaf and feel so much better about myself. I literally feel like a new person.”

What does Molly-Mae Hague eat in a day?


Cereal and a protein shake

Morning snack:

Mango, melon, pineapple, grapes, popcorn, and a dry fruit and nut bar


Chicken with sweet potato mash, guacamole, falafel, and broccoli


Mexican rice, bacon rashers, Quorn turkey ham, sweetcorn, hummus, and coleslaw

Molly-Mae Hague told fans she had a “full beard” after having a particular beauty treatment.

She said: “I need to speak to you guys about my battle with dermaplaning – and just wish I never got dermaplaning. I basically have a full beard now.”

What exactly is this treatment and can it leave with you a beard like Molly Mae’s? spoke to two beauty professionals.

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