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Michael Mosley’s best diet to achieve ‘rapid weight loss and burn fat’ – 8lbs in 2 weeks

Dr Mosley explains the difference between good and bad carbs

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Dr Michael Mosley is the man behind the Fast 800, 5:2 and Way of Life diets. But in a bid to follow the science and stay one step ahead in the weight loss industry, he has created the Fast 800 Keto diet. Dr Michael spoke about his new book and how people can achieve “lots of rapid weight loss [and] lots of fat burning” in just eight weeks. 

Speaking about his new diet Dr Michael explained: “[It is] an accelerated version, and in many ways, an easier version [of the Fast 800 diet]. 

“The reason I wrote the book, because all the time I follow the science and all the time I’m looking to make it more effective and easier to do. 

“The reason it’s called Keto is because it puts you into a state of ketosis. You’re going to be cutting your carbs initially, right down to less than 50g a day, that means you switch from burning sugar to burning fat. 

“And you do that by introducing these things called Ketones bodies and that puts you into a state of ketosis, and the reason why that’s a good thing is because it helps suppress hunger and preserve muscle mass.” 

He went on: “[It’s a] three stage programme which begins with rapid weight loss and then you ease into a healthier way of eating and living.” 

The Fast 800 Keto diet involves low-calorie intermittent fasting. 

As for the benefits it brings to anyone following it, the diet expert revealed: “You stop feeling hungry [when you’re in a state of ketosis] and you feel buzzy and full of energy.

“I recommend that you do that for up to eight weeks, depends on how long you want to sustain it for – lots of rapid weight loss, lots of fat burning – and then you transition to intermittent fasting where you just do it for a couple of days a week, then you move over to Way of Life. 

“I actually stuck myself on this diet before Christmas and I lost 8.8lbs [four kilograms] in two weeks and about four centimetres off my waist, so a lot of it was fat. 

“I got my belt in a notch and my blood sugars and blood pressure – which had been creeping up a bit – I got them back to normal.” 

As for how long you can do the diet for, Dr Michael said: “This is something you can do in the short term, if you’ve got a significant amount of weight to lose, you can do it for up to 12 weeks. 

“What we’ve seen in studies, people typically lose between 1.2st – 1.5st [eight and 10 kilograms].”  

There are some foods which can help ketosis be achieved. 

Dr Michael explained: “Mainly cutting out sugary carbs, but during the ketotic phase, you’ll also have to cut out things like rice and potatoes. 

“I’ve discovered the joys of something called cauliflower rice – very low in carbs and rich in other nutrients.” 

As for whether you can follow a keto diet for longer than 12 weeks, the diet expert said: “Some people do stay on keto diets long term, if you have a particular medical reason for doing so. 

“But I think the weight of evidence, it is better to eat a less restricted diet in the long term which is why I advise people to move to a Mediterranean style diet – one full of healthy ingredients, nuts oily fish, olive oil, glass of red wine. 

“It’s more sustainable and seen pretty widely as the healthiest diet on the planet.”

In terms of exercise, Dr Michael recommends an “exercise alarm”. 

He said: “Essentially you set your alarm to go off every 40 minutes or so, and that’s when you’re sitting down, working, or watching TV. 

“Sitting down for long periods of time is not a great idea, so you set your alarm, it tells you to get up, do some press ups, squats, walk up and down the stairs, you do something. 

“It’s also known as exercise snacking, it’s as effective as trying to get it all in one burst, but you can spread it out throughout the day,” he told Studio 10 earlier this month. 

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