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Michael Mosley: Why crash diets do work and how to become a ‘fat burning machine’

Weight loss: Dr Michael Mosley on benefits of fasting

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Dr Michael Mosley is behind several rapid weight loss diets, including the 5:2, Keto, Fast 800, and most recently, Fast 800 Keto. The weight loss guru champions a low-carb, high-protein diet, and reveals why rapid weight loss diets absolutely do work.

When presented with the idea that crash diets are “bad” for dieters and that slimmers shouldn’t restrict themselves, Dr Michael stated: “I’m saying the exact opposite.”

He explained: “The problem with the original crash diets, like the cabbage soup diet or some of the juicing diets is that you’re not getting good amounts of protein.

“You need good amounts of high quality protein to maintain your muscle mass,” he told Studio 10.

Rich sources of protein can come from oily fish, meat, legumes and eggs.

The doctor admitted that there are “some really bad crash diets”, namely one in the USA in the 1970s that left several people dead.

This is because the protein quality they were consuming was not high, but rather “scraped off the floor of the abattoir”.

As for modern crash diets, where slimmers are getting adequate amounts of high quality protein, Dr Michael believes that the results speak for themselves.

“Research shows that if you do a rapid weight loss diet, the weight loss is around 10 kilos (1.57st) in about eight weeks.”

This weight loss is then “sustained for more than a year”.

Dieters that take a more “slow and steady” approach can only expect to lose one kilo of weight.

Dr Michael stated: “Slow and steady is really ineffective. That’s why most diets don’t work.”

When dieters step on the scales each day and don’t see rapid results, “they get bored” and slip into old habits.

He continued: “With these diets, the drop-out rate is about 90 percent.”

So, what does Dr Michael suggest as an alternative?

Eating 800 calories per day for eight weeks is the way to go for rapid weight loss, according to Dr Michael, as long as dieters are consuming enough protein.

The weight loss expert recommended scrambled eggs for lunch, soup with lentils for lunch, a handful of nuts and some vegetables, “practical” meals to keep dieters from feeling ravenous throughout the day.

“It’s what you eat that matters just as much as how much you eat. It’s really important to eat foods that have lots of fibre, olive oil and other nutrients.”

He urged slimmers to follow a Mediterranean diet that “curbs hunger”.

Dieters can try one more Michael Mosley method by “extending their overnight fast”.

“The idea is that you extend the amount of time you aren’t eating overnight. Stop eating and drinking at around 8pm, and don’t start again until say, 10am.

“Your body is designed to burn sugar and fat, you’re like a hybrid car. Most of the time we’re just burning sugar, but if you want to burn fat you have to go without food for about 12 hours.”

He promised that following this method will turn slimmers into “fat burning machines”.

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