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Michael Mosley suggests ‘cutting out alcohol’ from diet ‘to lose a lot of weight fast’

Dr Michael Mosley on the importance of routine for sleep

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The combination of being in a calorie deficit and exercising regularly can help you lose weight. But Dr Michael Mosley has said for anyone looking “to lose a lot of weight” and in a short amount of time, they should stop drinking alcohol. 

He explained: “While you are trying to lose a lot of weight fast, cut out alcohol completely, as it gives you the munchies. 

“When I’m drinking I find crisps impossible to resist and is extremely calorific: one large glass of wine is around 230 calories — the same as a bar of chocolate.” 

The weight loss expert previously said: “Disinhibition removes your willpower however, there’s more to it than that.

“It’s likely that you’ve experienced the common desire for more food after a night of drinking and there’s a good reason for this.

“Two hormones that play a large role are leptin and ghrelin; leptin reduces hunger while ghrelin increases it. 

“When you drink alcohol, your leptin levels are obstructed, while ghrelin levels are elevated, increasing your appetite as a result.

“This is part of the reason people reach for the chocolate, crisps or the takeaway shop after a few drinks – these levels remain imbalanced the following day too.”

Dr Michael suggested: “Once you hit your target weight you can go back to social drinking at weekends — in moderation.” 

For anyone who would struggle to abstain from alcohol for eight to 12 weeks – the duration of Dr Michael’s stage one, Fast 800 plan, there is one tipple you can enjoy in moderation. 

Dr Michael recommends a red wine spritzer. 

“If alcohol is something you wish to include in your lifestyle, I recommend opting for red wine,” he said. 

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“When consumed in moderation, red wine does have some health benefits.

“Red wine is rich in resveratrol, an antioxidant which has been recognised to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

A red wine spritzer combines wine with sparkling water, lowering calories and alcohol content.

Dr Michael offered a recipe for the drink. 

He shared: “By combining wine with sparkling water you’ll get more to drink with less alcohol and sugar and enjoy a lovely refreshing red wine spritzer.”

Red wine spritzer recipe 

The recipe serves one, there are 93 calories per serving and it takes two minutes to prepare. 


120ml dry red wine, chilled

120ml soda water, chilled

Orange slices

ice (optional)


Pour chilled red into a pretty glass filled with ice, top with soda water and garnish with an orange slice.

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