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Kate Middleton: How does she stay slim? ‘Size six’ Duchess could use this diet plan

Kate Middleton has largely been in the public eye since tying the knot with Prince William in 2011.

Yesterday, the couple attended a meeting with the Aga Khan in London and the Duchess wore a stunning emerald gown which highlighted her tiny frame. 

Despite being a mum-of-three, the royal has managed to keep her slim and sporty figure.

How does she stay slim? Does she follow a diet plan?

Kate Middleton weight loss: Duchess of Cambridge may use Dukan diet plan

Kate will often step out wearing stunning garments which show off her slender figure.

Speaking to the Mail Online, an expert explained it is likely Kate wears a size six and has the tiny waistline of 24 inches.

The Duchess has shown her love of staying active and has taken part in sporting events while on royal duties.

The royal has stayed fit by playing sports throughout her life and is thought to have an interest in skiing, running and hockey.

When it comes to her diet, ABC news claimed the Duchess followed the Dukan plan when shaping up for her wedding.

First published in France, the low carb plan has different stages which require slimmers to eat different foods.

In the first stage, those following the diet plan are encouraged to eat foods high in protein before adding vegetables.

Although fruit and dairy are off the table at the start, these are later reintroduced in stage three of the plan.

After having her children, Woman’s World reported she tucked into foods including avocados, berries and porridge to stay in shape.

It has also been claimed Kate will make cook meals from scratch at home to ensure she can watch what ingredients are included.

The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, 59, has opened up about her weight loss in the past.

After piling on the pounds, she became the face of Weight Watchers and claimed it helped her slim down considerably.

Along with changing her diet, she enlisted the help of a personal trainer in order to get fit.

When trying to lose weight, following the high fat and low carb ketogenic diet plan can burn fat quickly.

Slimmers can tuck into foods including meat, eggs, fish and full fat dairy products.

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