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Johnny Vegas weight loss: Comedian lost a staggering five stone by making this one change

Johnny Vegas is known for his work as both an actor and comedian and he will appear on All Round to Mrs Brown’s tonight.  In recent months, fans have noticed a jaw-dropping change in the star who has noticeably slimmed down by a huge amount.  Weight loss can be difficult, no matter who is trying to achieve it, but the comedian made a simple change to achieve his new figure.  What did he do to help him lose five stone?

I have not done a diet in anyway whatsoever. I have cut out things, it’s a lifestyle change

Johnny Vegas

Last month, the actor opened up on the ITV show, Loose Women, and revealed he changed his lifestyle instead of going on a diet.

“I have not done a diet in anyway whatsoever. I have cut out things, it’s a lifestyle change,” He explained.

By making this simple change, the actor insisted slimmers could feel more motivated and actually drop more weight than on a restrictive diet.

Johnny continued: “Then you can live with it and you don’t feel like you are denying yourself anything – apart from cheese!”

The star is back on screens tonight and has recently appeared on Great Celebrity Bake Off, which he said did not tempt him to tuck into any unhealthy treats.

He said: “I have never had a sweet tooth.”

Although Johnny is now said to have lost five stone, fans first noticed his efforts in the early stages of his transformation.

When he first started losing weight, the star appeared on ITV’s This Morning and shared how he lost three stone.

He reassured fans everywhere that despite losing so much weight he did struggle in the beginning.

The comedian said: “It took 15 months of walking past bread and cheese and everything I love.”

However, Johnny explained while trying to beat the bulge he did allow himself some treats.

He spoke about a Twitter post which showed a huge plate of loaded chips.

He said: “I was on holiday, and I fancied chips with cheese and bacon and BBQ sauce.”

The TV star, Scarlett Moffatt also appeared on All Round to Mrs Brown’s last week and has openly discussed her weight loss transformation. 

To lose weight, Scarlett was limited to 1,350 calories a day which she split between her different meals.

Also adding exercise into her routine, Scarlett dropped from her starting weight of 11st 5lb to a tiny 8st.

The singer, Olly Murs, appeared on the Mrs Brown’s Boys spin-off show and has previously spoken about his weight loss. 

He reportedly lost 15lb in just 12-week by shaking up his exercise routine.

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