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Joe Wicks workout: ‘Short and sweet’ ab blast for six-pack – ‘this is the one’

Joe Wicks shares video of his late night snack

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The nation’s favourite personal trainer, Joe Wicks, is back with another belter of a workout, this time targeting people’s core. If a six-pack is on people’s lists of summer essentials, then according to Joe, this workout can do just that.

Training the abdominal muscles is essential, as a strong core keeps the body stable.

Core exercises also train the muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony.

And if they’re trained specifically, certain movements such as sit-ups or crunches will automatically train the larger muscle groups of the back, chest and legs as well.

Because of this, it is considered by fitness experts muscle healthy strength training for the whole body.

Joe regularly shares workouts to his Youtube account, continuing to help keep the nation healthy.

“This is my 10-minute extreme abs challenge,” he beamed from his studio.

“We’ve got 10 moves focused on the core.

“So if you’re looking to get a strong core, a six-pack and build up that core strength, this is the one for you.”

The workout consists of 40 seconds work, with 20 seconds rest.

10-minute ab blast

Bear crawl reach forward

Soldier crunches on knees (R)

Soldier crunches on knees (L)

Bear crawl elbow to knees

Single kick out crunch (R)

Single kick out crunch (L)

Scissor clap unders

Side plank (20 each side)

Up down bear crawls

Elbow plank

Joe recently embarked on the first leg of his new tour, PE With Joe, where more than 800 people turned up to the event.

The personal trainer is travelling to seven iconic venues across the UK in seven days.

One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to BBC Children In Need.

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