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Jo Brand weight loss: Comedian speaks out on losing 3 stone ‘in a few months’

Jo Brand performs a TikTok with her daughter Maisie

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Jo Brand has regularly made jokes about her weight when standing in front of an audience. The comedian recently sat down with Lorraine Kelly and her daughter Rosie for their podcast What if? with Lorraine & Rosie to discuss her life and career. The conversation began by asking Jo what she was like as a child and she revealed she was “nice, thin and quite pretty”, before explaining how people have treated her differently depending on her size. 

Jo said: “I don’t know in this society whether it’s worse to be really attractive or really unattractive. 

“Because actually, the difference between them, is walking down the street and having some bloke perving and leering over your chest area or whatever, and saying awful things to you. 

“Or a bloke just saying awful things to you about how you look.

“I know this sounds like I’m justifying it, but I would rather be like me and them not be interested because I remember when I was about 19 I lost loads of weight really quickly.” 

She added: “I lost about three and a half stone in a few months. 

“And this guy that I knew, who I was really good mates with – I was working in a wine bar at the time and he worked in a shop opposite – we used to have a real laugh.

“And then when I lost all the weight and I one of my friends made me up one night and dressed me up to look like a woman, and we went out and he was in the bar.

“And his attitude towards me had totally changed – he was a bit sort of slimy and pervy.

“I don’t know if I actually consciously thought about that, but I just kind of thought ‘I really don’t like this, and I like the relationship we had before.’ 

“Anyway, it all went back on in six months – that weight.

“So there was obviously something going on in my own conscious. Strange.”

Jo has always been judged for her weight, Lorraine said: “I wanted to ask about how tenacious you are. I remember the walk you did for Comic Relief.”

“Hull to Liverpool, 140 miles,” Jo confirmed. 

“For you to do that, if you don’t mind me saying, you’re not the most athletic woman,” Lorraine added. 

“I will accept that charge,” Jo laughed. 

“It was kind of a challenge, Gregg Whyte (former Olympian Professor) my trainer, he’s so cheerful, irritating sometimes. 

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“They made a documentary at the time, for example, he’s at the beginning saying ‘she’s never going to make it, she’s morbidly obese’. 

“And I always do a line about that in my standup saying ‘I’m surprised about that because I think I ‘m quite cheerfully obese.’

“But he did really spur me on, it was so enjoyable, I love walking and each day it was horrendous because I had to get in a cold bath for 10 minutes then have a massage, which was more like I was being beaten up by this bloke from the SAS.” 

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