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Jason Manford’s brilliant weight loss tip sees Susanna Reid in hysterics

Jason Manford discusses his weight loss on GMB

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Jason Manford, 40, was a guest on Good Morning Britain today and during his appearance, he left presenter Susanna Reid, 50, in hysterics with his weight loss tips. The British comedian who was promoting his upcoming tour has recently lost three stone in six months after being shocked into action when he discovered he weighed in at 17 stone five pounds. 

“It’s good to see you,” Susanna began. “And I said as you came in you’re looking very well. 

“I feel like I’ve put on the weight that you lost post-lockdown. What’s the top tip?”

“Just eat less and do more,” Jason replied. “There’s no shortcut really.” 

“That’s so simple,” Susanna commented through laughter. 

Alistair Campbell remarked: “You should write a diet book.”

“It wouldn’t sell, nobody wants the truth,” the comedian added.

“It’s so simple and yet so hard,” Susanna said.

Jason previously told The Mirror about his weight loss journey: “You get to the point where you go ‘Am I getting enough joy out of life if I’m thinking about my weight?’

“I think I’ve thought about my weight every day of my adult life.

“Not crying about it, but gone upstairs and tried to put something on that doesn’t fit, or got out of breath chasing the kids. 

“To get to a point where I’m thinking about it in a positive way feels good,” he added. 

More to follow… 

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