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James Martin weight loss: ‘Weird’ way chef stays slim without hitting the gym or dieting

James Martin addresses criticism he receives about clotted cream

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Losing weight doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the gym or giving up your favourite foods. Chef James Martin has lost an impressive amount of weight over his career. Here is his easy secret to getting and staying slim.

James Martin lost five stone in 2005 competing in the intensive body boot camp that is Strictly Come Dancing.

His weight has fluctuated over the years, and the chef has even been subject to trolling on social media.

He stated: “I looked on social media and every comment was about me being fat.”

But in a chef’s line of work, it’s difficult to stay slender.

Speaking about his new show, he revealed: “If you want to do Weight Watchers this show probably isn’t for you!

“I have double cream, full fat milk, cheese and butter and that’s just for one of the side orders on this tour.

“But I like food. I’ve always been surrounded by food. I was brought up on a farm, I worked on a farm producing pigs,” he told The Sun.

So how does a chef who loves to eat lose weight without compromising on their favourite foods?


“Losing weight is a balance of everything, it’s getting off your arse and doing more and not eating less, but eating a variety of different things.”

But his main secret to slimness isn’t diet or exercise at all.

“Water is the key. As you get older, I realised I don’t need to go to the gym, I’m working [in the kitchen] all the time anyway,” he told Hello.

Healthline stated: “Drinking water increases the amount of calories you burn, which is known as resting energy expenditure.”

In a study which monitored overweight people, those who drank 1-1.5l of water every day for a few weeks found a “significant reduction in weight, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference and body fat.”

Healthline continued: “These results may be even more impressive when the water is cold. When you drink cold water, your body uses extra calories to warm the water up to body temperature.”

And there are other benefits of drinking water besides weight loss.

“Water keeps your brain healthy and it keeps your skin healthy and it keeps your focused – it’s crazy when you give up soft drinks how much more your brain feels alive, it’s very weird.”

Increasing water intake, even by just one or two glasses a day, can do wonders for dieters’ waistlines.

Another weight loss hack slimmers can try is cutting down on takeaways and taking more trips to the supermarket for fresh food.

I no longer stuff my face with really bad things such as takeaway pizza, Mars bars and fizzy soft drinks, which I used to have tons of during my working day, just like almost every other chef in the country.

“Now I eat fish twice a week as well as loads of vegetables and fresh fruit.”

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