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James Martin weight loss: Saturday Morning host cut this from his diet to shed 6st

James Martin is a successful chef who has worked in a number of Michelin star restaurants during his career. He has appeared on screen presenting shows including Saturday Kitchen, James Martin’s French Adventure and has been the host of Saturday Morning with James Martin since 2017. When he’s not at work, the chef has stayed busy and fans have noticed the incredible transformation he has been through. Opening up about his weight loss, he revealed the one thing he cut from his diet to beat the bulge.

You kind of watch and go, Oh God there’s a bit of chin happening there.

James Martin

James’ transformation kicked off in 2005 when he took part in the reality dance series, Strictly Come Dancing.

When he began the show, he tipped the scales at a staggering 19st 7lb but the weight soon fell off.

The intensive training routine meant James was constantly moving and he managed to shed an incredible five stone.

Being in the public eye, James wanted to stay in shape after initially slimming down.

He told the Mail Online: “You kind of watch and go, ‘Oh God there’s a bit of chin happening there’.

“And everybody’s TVs are bigger now. Before you used to watch TV on a small one and now they’re massive.”

To do this, he decided to make a huge change in his diet which has kept him looking trim.

The celebrity chef explained he followed a controlled diet to stay slim and completely ditched butter to drop a further one stone.

As well as cutting out the condiment, he has spoken out about what how he tried to avoid all fatty foods to stay in shape.

The chef has often used his Instagram accounts to post pictures of the healthy meals he makes.

Jamie Oliver is another celebrity chef who managed to transform his life by losing two stone.

The dad-of-five opened up about what he did to lose 27 pounds and said he cut back on how much meat he ate.

He started choosing to eat nuts instead and ensuring he ate more vegetables and exercised more regularly.

When trying to lose weight, some people might chose to follow and structured diet plan to keep them on track. 

Combining a low-carb diet plan with one that is high in protein can help slimmers lose as much as 10lb in one week.

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