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‘I was very ashamed’: Woman shares how to ‘easily’ lose weight during menopause

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Angela is a naturopath and menopause coach who struggled to lose weight during menopause. Now, after a successful journey she shared with, she revealed her diet tips for women who are looking to slim down during this period.

Angela explained: “I was very ashamed of the way I looked.

“[But] I’m exactly where I want to be now and I can easily maintain that without having to restrict too much what I eat.

“What I’ve done now is I have created a new lifestyle with the way that I eat and I can basically eat what I want.”

But what should women focus on and what should they avoid?

Angela explained: “It’s very important to understand how your body works, it’s about intuitive eating, this is actually listening to your body.

“The biggest thing I’d probably say is to eat more vegetables, stop the alcohol, and I know probably women don’t want to hear that but cutting out coffee.

“If there’s high stress we need to bring the stress under control.

“Coffee makes that worse.”

She continued: “Make sure you get hydrated, so drinking a lot of water.

“Another thing I’d say is we have to reduce the inflammatory foods because we retain a lot of fluid so it gives us pain and a lot of symptoms.”

The most inflammatory foods are “gluten-containing foods, as gluten is highly inflammatory, dairy is another one, sugar obviously and processed food,” according to the expert.

Angela said: “So we need to get back to eating real foods.”

Angela stated, however, that everything depends on the specifics of the body and what type of body you have.

“Is yours a body a type that needs to be fed every couple of hours?

“It may be naturally a little bit bigger and maybe you can go a little bit longer without food.

“So it’s actually understanding what’s right for your body,” she explained.

Therefore, the expert’s main tips for women who are looking to “easily” lose weight during menopause are eating more vegetables, and cutting out alcohol and coffee.

Drinking alcohol “makes a big difference because when we come through this stage of life, it leaves us struggling and alcohol does not help at all, particularly with the changes in the hormones,” she said.

It is advised women also follow a balanced and healthy diet and exercise regularly to stay fit.

Losing weight has given Angela “much more energy, it makes it easier to go walking when I want to and I don’t have the pain that I used to have”.

“I sleep really well, I feel a lot more confident in my body. Before I used to wear clothes that were quite baggy to cover everything up, now I can wear fitting clothes, and I actually feel proud of the way my body looks,” she said.

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