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‘I was embarrassed’ Woman loses 6st for wedding with ‘common sense’ diet -no ‘big changes’

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Kirsty shared the moment she realised she needed to slim down: “I decided to finally make a difference in the New Year of 2019 in the run up to my wedding in 2020. However, it wasn’t truly until March 2019 when something clicked and I realised I needed to start or I wouldn’t make the difference I wanted to in time. To be completely honest, my intentions at first were all for vanity reasons but in going through this process it has become much more than that and now it’s all to do with being healthy but more importantly, happy.”

Kirsty admitted she “didn’t follow any plan” to lose weight.

She said: “I went into this blind and if anything, I followed the ‘common sense’ diet. I hate the word ‘diet’, I’ve dieted many times, fallen off, yo-yod so saying I was on a diet would not work.

“The word diet to me means temporary change, something you do for a short while and then go back to old bad habits. I was adamant that this time, this wasn’t the case, it was a lifestyle change so I approached this with the mindset that moderation is key and I did not make any big changes at once – focusing on small steps, when one change was permanent I moved to the next.

“So overall, no, there was nothing I completely cut out but overall I did cut everything down.

“I stopped snacking between meals but during meals I ate the same but in smaller quantities and slowly over a long time swapped out things for healthier options,” she explained.

Kirsty lost an impressive six stone and has managed to keep it off “for over a year now” by following a balanced diet focused on healthy foods.

The slimmer admitted her life “isn’t the same” since losing weight.

She explained: “I’m not the same person and from initially wanting to lose weight for my wedding photos, and then my wedding being pushed for obvious reasons in 2020, I’ve discovered a new lease on life and happiness.

“I was sad, depressed and generally very unhappy in my skin before and I always pinned it down to me just being overweight.

“However, in losing weight I’ve come to realise I was unhappy because my weight held me back from doing what I wanted.

“I was physically restricted because I couldn’t keep up with friends, I wasn’t able to do physical activities that I wanted to because I was too heavy, like rock climbing, or I just wasn’t confident enough to do it, swimming for once… yet in my head, I wanted to and loved these things.”

She continued: “Losing weight hasn’t made me happy, it’s discovering what I’m now able to do that’s made me happy, I’ve come out of a shell both figuratively and literally.

“I’ve opened so many doors, tried so many new things and I can finally say the world is at my feet.

“I 100 percent feel more confident. However, I always thought I wasn’t confident because of the way I looked.

“It was definitely a factor, the layers of fat held me back from showing skin so I would always cover up – now I happily workout in just a sports bra and leggings, something I’d never dare to do, I’m getting more confident showing my legs and all the skin.

“I’m not embarrassed anymore, I’m proud, and if anything my skin is more damaged than it was. I don’t hide my belly anymore, I proudly show my stretch marks, display my cellulite and free the jiggle of my excess skin because I don’t see it as damage, I wear it as a badge of honour of all my hard work over these past few years.”

The slimmer shared her advice for those trying to lose weight saying: “Take it slow. There’s no rush to changing the rest of your life.

“Change one small thing, focus on one like walking more every day, set a goal of five mins and build on that until you reach 30mins, then make that a habit, do it every day.

“Once it becomes something you need to do, move onto the next thing like drinking more water, do that same thing.

“One manageable change every few weeks is the best way to building to change the rest of your life – it’s what I did and there is no going back. Don’t focus on the mountain ahead, just look at the first step, because it’s the hardest one,” Kirsty said.

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