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Grandma loses almost 3st in just five months after ‘feeling like a mess’

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Erika Fidler lost a whopping two stone and a half in just five months, dropping three dress sizes. Erika feels like herself again, both her physical and mental health having drastically improved.

Erika told that “thanks to a combination of a sweet tooth, menopause, and lockdown, I got fat”.

“I could hardly walk any distance and certainly couldn’t get up the stairs without struggling for breath,” she said.

“My joints hurt, I wore shapeless clothes, and I felt like a mess.”

Another of Erika’s main motivators was her grandchildren. “I have three grandchildren under three years old and I knew that my health was beginning to suffer,” she explained.

“I want to be there for them growing up.”

Erika began to lose weight by joining Weight Watchers and “literally started walking for 15 minutes per day along the canal where I live, and building the time slowly”.

The slimmer than spotted The Conqueror on Facebook – a series of virtual fitness events that anyone in the world can take part in. Liking the idea of setting a clear goal for herself, Erika decided to join in with the challenges.

Speaking to, the grandmother-of-three continued: “Losing a lot of weight takes discipline, which is always hard, but I was so determined to do it this time.

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“I was doing quite a few sponsored walks raising money for various cancer charities which made me responsible to others to keep it up, then The Conqueror challenges really motivate me too.”

Erika went on to explain how weight gain affected her mental health and how, now, her wellbeing has hugely improved.

“I was very worried about having a heart attack as my father had three,” she said.

“My joints hurt and my mother recently died of a particularly nasty dementia.”

Erika’s weight affected her life as she “struggled with hills and even stairs, which frustrated me as I’d always been a busy bee and quite nimble”.

“Now, I love walking and cycling outdoors – fresh air definitely lifts your mood, and my confidence is much better,” she said.

“I can wear nicer clothes rather than shapeless baggy things.”

Erika walks around eight to 10 kilometres a day, five days a week.

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“I also ride up to 20 kilometres on my bike at least a couple of times per week, plus swimming,” she added.

As for diet, Erika makes sure to eat lots of fish and vegetables.

“Sometimes I eat chicken, but no red meat,” she said.

“We have a few chickens so have fresh eggs for breakfast every day.

“When I’m full I leave the rest rather than emptying my plate.

“Sugar is my downfall so I avoid it a lot.”

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