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‘Go easy!’ Michael Mosley speaks out on why eating bananas can hinder weight loss

Dr Michael Mosley explains the health benefits of press ups

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After discovering he had type 2 diabetes, Dr Michael Mosley lost 1.4 stone. As a result of looking at his diet and lifestyle, he set out to help others. The broadcaster created The Fast 800, a series of diets to help people overhaul their weight and change their eating and exercise habits. But there are a few fruits he doesn’t recommend including in your diet if you are looking to lose a few pounds. 

Back in 2017, Dr Michael spoke about eating bananas and why they aren’t as healthy as you may think. 

Replying to a follower on Twitter, Dr Michael said: “A banana has equivalent of about three teaspoons of sugar, but also has three grams of fibre. If you eat the skin – even more fibre.” 

He also suggests avoiding too many sweet fruits. 

“Berries, apples and pears are fine,” Dr Michael explained. “But limit tropical fruits such as mango, melon and pineapple. Go easy on the bananas.” 

The weight loss expert recommends eating plenty of different coloured vegetables. 

He said: “Ensure a wide variety from dark leafy greens to purple beetroot and bright red and yellow peppers. 

“Add flavourings such as lemon, butter, garlic and chilli. 

“A splash of olive oil on your veg improves the absorption of vitamins.” 

Dr Michael also discussed his own weight loss journey: “Before starting on the 5:2 I was overweight: 13st 5lb, with a 36in waist. 

“More than a quarter – 28 per cent – of my total body weight was fat, which means I was carrying around about 52lb of fat. 

“An acceptable range of body fat for a non-athlete is 18 to 25 per cent for a man and 25 to 31 per cent for a woman. 

“Looking at pictures of me at the time, I was definitely carrying a bit of timber. 

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“But, shockingly, my score meant I was obese – the medical term for body weight that is so great, it starts to cause medical problems. And it had. 

“I had recently discovered that I was a type 2 diabetic, like my dad, and my cholesterol level was way too high.

“I put myself on the 5:2, which I found surprisingly easy, and after 12 weeks I had lost 19lb – almost one and a half stone. 

“My body-fat levels went down to 21 per cent and my waist shrank by three inches. 

“I stopped snoring, which delighted my wife, and I felt much more active.

“Even better, my blood indicators had improved in a spectacular fashion, with everything, including my blood sugars, returning to healthy levels.

The Fast 800 comprises of three diets; The Very Fast 800, The New 5:2 and The Way of Life.  

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