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Fast food addict loses weight by cutting down on common food ‘you don’t want’

Veganism: Dr Potter advises on switching to plant-based diet

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The health show followed Jackie, a fast-food addict who wanted to lose weight but more importantly improve her overall health.

Jackie is an insurance broker and security guard who never stops.

Working two jobs, Jackie always eats meals on the go and as she doesn’t have much time off, she opts for unhealthy foods and snacks.

“I’m a greedy pig, I can’t stop.

“I feel ugly, I struggle, it upsets me that I don’t feel comfortable,” she admitted.

Jackie weighed 13 stone and nine pounds before having Trisha Goddard, Dr Amir Khan and nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Waters change her lifestyle completely.

The trio helped her step away from unhealthy habits with simple diet changes.

After checking her current habits, Dr Khan discovered Jackie consumed over double the recommended sugar, salt and saturated fats and that she didn’t eat any fresh fruit or vegetables.

She also consumed very large quantities of processed meat.

Nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Waters advised Jackie to read what’s on the label and to check “if there’s any extra added sugar, any salt, trans fats… just check your labels”.

When looking at a package of pre-made potato mash Jackie had at home, Kate said: “It does have mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, which is a trans fat and these are processed fats you don’t want. And a lot of of countries have actually banned trans fats.”

One of the best ways to reduce processed fats and salt intake but also cut artificial flavours from your diet is by using natural herbs and spices.

This allowed her to flavour her food naturally.

Kate explained: “So when you’re at the supermarket just think: fresh and whole foods.

“So you want your fresh protein sources. You got your eggs, you got your fish, your healthy cuts of meat. Variety.

“Same for your carbohydrates, focus on your whole grains and focus on your fruit and veg as well.”

Jackie completely ditched the processed foods and started consuming natural fresh ingredients and following a natural and healthy diet.

The fast-food addict lost one stone and 11 pounds in just eight weeks.

Jackie said: “I’m amazed I see a slimmer person and I feel a million times better than I felt eight weeks ago. I feel a lot better and I’m much happier.”

Her results showed she went from the pre-diabetic category to the normal category.

“You changed your life here, Jackie. It’s very important you see that,” Dr Khan said.

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