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Fabulous at 60: Woman drops 5st during menopause with easy diet -‘made a huge difference’

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Emma Scrivener, 64, and her family, who lost a total of 15 stone between them with their own diet, created a new meal plan designed to help women during menopause: the DA Group’s Menopause Diet Plan.

Emma explained the five stone she managed to lose was menopausal weight gain.

Her experience inspired her to create a personalised menopause weight loss plan.

The slimmer’s target was to reach size 16, and she has managed to maintain it after completing the diet.

Emma explained: “Before the diet, I’d really struggled to shift the weight. Finally finding an approach that worked was liberating, and as the weight dropped off, my health and confidence improved.

“My blood pressure dropped to normal levels, my cholesterol levels were spot on and mentally it made me feel strong and in control.”

She continued: “As women we are very critical of ourselves, and I think I learned to love myself as I am.

“I might not be a size 10 and I don’t think I ever will be or want to be but am content with being the best that I can be.

“I think we are bombarded every day with ideals of how we should look, and this really undermines womens’ confidence daily,” she explained.

Emma continued: “The aim of our diet is to give women the tools they need to feel in better control of their weight, whatever weight they are happiest at.

“Our objective is to help you fall in love with food again and help you lose weight as your body changes.”

But how does the diet work?

The DA Group Menopause diet consists of an eating plan that educates slimmers on healthy eating, portion control and cooking techniques, capsules to help with some of the negative effects of dieting, and the DA support group, an online community.

The “delicious” diet is designed to offer plenty of enjoyable meal options.

The “easy to follow” plan is designed to overcome the three most difficult things about dieting:

What to eat: They supply an easy-to-follow, step-by-step healthy eating plan with lots of tasty, nutritious foods to show exactly what to eat to keep slimmers feeling full and stop cravings. There is a lot of science behind what foods to avoid and the best ones to concentrate on during menopause, so these have been incorporated into the diet plan.

Support and guidance: All the help dieters need to keep on track.

Advanced supplement: To take alongside the diet to counteract hunger, low energy, slow metabolism and snacking and packed with important vitamins and minerals.

The diet is recommended for women who are either peri menopausal, menopausal or post menopausal.

Emma said: “An important message to all of our dieters is: you are not alone.

“Our online community is one of our greatest strengths – it’s a big family in which all our dieters can support each other, access advice from us, and share their stories.

“Going through the menopause can feel very isolating and being part of a group like this can make a huge difference.”

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