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‘Every day feels like a cheat day’: Ex-army ‘big guy’ loses 5st in 1 year with simple diet

Tom Kerridge discusses his 12 stone weight loss journey

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After leaving the army at 24-years-old, Tim spiralled into an unhealthy way of living. Speaking exclusively to, he revealed how he transformed his diet and exercise habits but still enjoys sweet treats and eats “more than ever”.

Tim joined the army at 16 and led an extremely rigorous lifestyle.

Despite always being a “big guy”, his weight had never been an issue, until he left the army and developed very sedentary habits.

He told “Once I left the army I played football and that’s about it. Over the years, the pounds piled on because of drinking culture.

“Then we locked down, and drinking became every night, just casually.”

His new job as a lorry driver also put a strain on his health and waistline, as he started to lead a very sedentary life.

Weighing in at 127kg (19.9 stone) at his heaviest, he remained this size for 10 years until a realisation hit him.

At 36-years-old, with a four-year-old daughter, Tim knew he had a lot to lose: “My daughter would come up to me and always talk about ‘daddy’s belly’. Or we’d be playing in the garden and I’d have to catch my breath. Something just clicked.

“I thought, ‘wow, I’ve basically cut 10 years off my life and I’m going to carry on because I know I’m only going to get bigger and bigger’.”

Tim had never taken an interest in nutrition, and admitted that during his time in the army they ate “whatever you could fit in your mouth – they call it ‘scoff house’ for a reason”.

But when he realised the impact his weight may have on his lifespan, he dedicated several months to learning about food and cutting out alcohol.

It was then that Tim came across The Skinny Food Co, which provides less calorie dense alternatives to “the foods we all love and love to enjoy”, according to it’s website.

Tim tried a couple of The Skinny Food Co’s sauces before falling in love with the product and “buying half their stock”.

Finding low calorie alternatives to staples such as mayonnaise meant that Tim could enjoy meal times guilt-free.

“I basically added it into my routine. I had breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I could add sauces and stuff to my everyday meals to make it a little less calorific.

“What I love is that every day feels like a cheat day.”

With just one small change, Tim dropped an impressive 35kg (5.5 stone), in a year, going from a 42-inch waist to 32 inches.

During his weight loss journey Tim bought a “goal suit”, which he wore to his girlfriend’s birthday, and when he put it on felt “amazing”.

He said: “I could lose a bit more and I know I can, but now I’m happy to be active and I can actually tie my shoelaces without getting out of breath.”

In terms of exercise, Tim tries to fit in three 30-minute cross-training sessions per week so he can look after his heart.

“But my exercise is mainly just walking. If I need to go somewhere a couple of miles away, I’ll just walk. Or if I’m going into town with my girlfriend, we’ll walk. I’ve just been more active, making the choice to walk instead of driving where I can.”

His advice to fellow slimmers is to pick something they enjoy doing.

“My theory is that you’ve got to eat what you want to maintain for the rest of your life. If you go on a diet, you’re going to get bored of it. This is where The Skinny Food Co comes into place, because it just replaced a lot of my stuff.

“I’ve got a custard sauce which is my favourite now. It makes everything tastes like custard, which is a win.”

Where Tim would now opt for a bowl of porridge to start the day, adding some custard or chocolate flavoured sauce to give himself a small treat, he used to go for two bacon sandwiches.

Another change Tim made was swapping fatter meats for leaner cuts, meaning he could still enjoy the same meals, but with far less calories.

Stocking up on fruit and vegetables, Tim revealed: “I’m probably eating more volume of food now than I was before, but making good choices.

“The biggest thing I learnt about food was that you can still eat a lot of it, just low-calorie and high volume.

“I’m a big broccoli and cauliflower head now.”

Because he eats well during the week, Tim has no problem enjoying the occasional meal out or drinks: “If you’re not enjoying it, you’re not going to stick to it.”

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