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‘Easy changes’ for weight loss – two swaps to reduce calories and burn more fat

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Diet tips including swapping one fizzy drink for another have been suggested by a fitness and weight loss expert.

Richie Howey is CEO and co-founder of Team RH, a UK-based weight loss programme.

He suggested drinking diet drinks and adding a glass of water into your day at specific times to boost weight loss.

Richie said: “You can make easy changes like swapping full-fat Coke for diet pop.”

He advised against cutting out sugar too drastically, claiming it’s not necessary to slim down.

Weight loss advice shared by Steve Miller in 2019

He went on: “I think sometimes people fall into the trap of cutting out all sugary foods or drinks altogether when, in fact, you can still get that fizzy drink fix but without the added calories.”

Humble water, too, can be very useful to dieters, Richie said.

He told “People also forget about water. A hydrated body is 17 percent stronger than a dehydrated body.

“By upping your water intake, not only will you have more energy, but you’ll also burn more calories through its consumption.”

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The expert went on: “I’d recommend drinking a glass of water before, during and after meals.

“It’s a 100 percent calorie-free natural appetite suppressant.”

However, Richie warned real weight loss takes time. Fast weight loss is rarely sustainable.

He said: “You’ve got to accept that it’s going to take time, the weight isn’t going to drop off you overnight.

“It’s not about following fads, long-lasting weight loss is a lifestyle – and that’s what we pride ourselves in promoting.”

Easy weight loss diet swaps

  • Swap white bread and pasta for wholegrain versions
  • Swap cheddar for reduced-fat cheese
  • Swap to low-fat options of dairy, such as low-fat yoghurt and skimmed milk
  • Choose leaner meat, like chicken rather than red meat
  • Grill meat instead of frying it
  • Swap fruit juice for water
  • Have fruit for dessert

A mum of two and a Team RH trainer shared her own real-life weight loss journey. 

Emma Cairns, from Houghton-Le-Spring, was a size 24 at her heaviest.

After ditching Slimming World and fad diets, she dropped down to a size 8 to 10.

Emma was put on a course to weight loss when she met a mum at the school gates, who told her about Team RH.

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