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Diet: Consume food that promotes weight loss and keeps you cool – ‘reap the benefits’

James Martin jokes about salad 'bigger than his head'

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Salads may be the most loved—and hated—form of getting your veggies during lunch or dinner. Some people find them delicious and satisfying, while others force leafy greens into their diet just to ensure they’re keeping up with their healthy eating goals. And for people wanting to shed unwanted pounds quickly, experts have suggested one way of doing so is by upping their intake of leafy greens. And what better way to cool down in the heat than by indulging in a hearty salad?

People either love them or hate them, but there’s no denying eating raw vegetables and fruits incorporates more fibre into a diet.

This has added benefits, as fibre can help digestion and prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Registered dietician, Lauren Hoover, revealed: “The fibre found in vegetables can also aid in blood cholesterol management.

“Therefore, if we are strategic about what we put in our salads, we can get several health benefits from eating them frequently.”

Experts have suggested to add veg such as tomatoes, carrots and cucumber to salads to increase fibre intake.

But Hoover did warn that while salads can be “loaded with nutrients”, not all salads are “created equally”.

She referred to the array of salad dressings that can have hidden ingredients that add extra calories and sugar to the healthy meal.

Nutrition expert Toby Amidor said: “Top your salad with protein such as salmon, hard-cooked egg, beans, tofu, shrimp, chicken breast, or lean beef—and avoid fried foods.

Hoover added: “It is important to build salads with green leafy vegetables, include colourful vegetables, top with lean proteins, healthy fats, and use a lower-in-sugar dressing, in order to reap their benefits.”

Not only are salads a great option for those wanting to lose weight, they are also good to eat in the heat.

St Ewe created some recipes to help people avoid reaching for “picky-bits” when their appetite gets the better of them.

Each recipe ensures that mealtimes remain fulfilling and healthy by keeping the nutrient-content high but the temperature low.

Follow their refreshing summer salad option, packed with protein and healthy fats.


50g salad leaves

Half an avocado or 10 green olives

One tomato chopped

One dried fig sliced or finely chopped (or use a handful of sliced strawberries or slice green grapes)

10g roasted hazelnuts chopped

One tbsp whole flaxseeds

Two St Ewe Rich Yolk Eggs

Half a lemon, juiced

Salt and Black Pepper

Rye Bread to serve


1. Arrange the salad leaves in your bowl and build up with the other ingredients

2. Squeeze over the lemon juice and season with a pinch of salt and pepper

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