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Camilla abandoned £155 athletic accessory after becoming Queen Consort

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Queen Camilla was expected to make a few changes when her husband, King Charles III ascended to the throne. From a change in title, from the Duchess of Cornwall to Queen Consort, to a new home, Camilla has undergone a big transition in order to support her husband, including abandoning a long-term habit.

For many years now, the 75-year-old has worn a fitness tracker, specifically the Charge3 model that costs £159.99. But since her husband became King, Camilla appears to have forsaken her FitBit.

In the last few years, Camilla has rarely been spotted without her fitness tracker, wearing it to all of her public engagements, but it’s been noticeably absent since her husband became monarch.

Since Queen Elizabeth II died, Queen Camilla has attended various events by her husband’s side, none of which was she wearing her trusty fitness watch, replacing it with a Cartier Ceinture Watch.

Given that there are many rules to what the royal ladies can wear, it is likely a FitBit is not deemed appropriate attire for a Queen Consort.

Despite no longer wearing her FitBit, the Queen Consort still follows a healthy lifestyle.

Sarah Campus, the founder of LDN MUMS FITNESS told “The Queen Consort leads a very healthy lifestyle with her husband King Charles.

“Camilla particularly enjoys eating hearty meals using fresh produce, a lot actually which is produced on their estate.

“At the age of 75 Camilla’s complexion is glowing and a lot of this is down to what she consumes being so organic, colourful and varied.

“In terms of their nutrition however Camilla is a huge fan of eggs, particularly scrambled which are from King Charles’s own chickens in Highgrove.

“For lunch, Camilla aims to include as many good fats as possible from sources such as avocados, fish and almonds, all of which again contribute to her glowing complexion.

“Camilla believes in a balanced diet without restrictions and doesn’t believe in any of the fad diets.

“She feels that cutting out dairy for example is ridiculous as such an important source of calcium for joints and bones.

“For dinner time Camilla particularly enjoys lamb and any leftovers she would use for a meal the following day, such as a shepherd’s pie.

“She also likes chicken casseroles, steaks, baked salmon and roast chicken. Even though King Charles believes in veganism she believes that balance is very important. In terms of snacking Camilla particularly likes raw peas straight from the pod, but also will happily accept something sweet.”

What exercises does the Queen Consort enjoy?

The expert claimed: “Camilla particularly enjoys yoga and pilates to keep her core strong and body supple and to help avoid back pain.

“She incorporates deep breathing into her exercises to help her unwind and relax. Camilla is also a big fan of the outdoors, so thrives on walking with her dogs around her estate, and spending time in the hills. The fresh air and outdoors particularly contribute to improved sleep quality, overall well-being and boosting the endorphins.”

How does Camilla maintain her figure at 75?

Sarah added: “Camilla leads a healthy, active lifestyle and is consistent with it. She is balanced with her eating without restrictions and eats organic quality foods. ,

“She gets quality sleep and enjoys the outdoors. She also had an exercise watch, FitBit, which helped her track her activity levels. It is also thought that Camilla may use a collagen supplement as well such as Correxiko – a premium marine-based collagen which is shown to be beneficial for healthy joints, skin and anti-ageing.”

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