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Caitlyn Jenner diet: Plan embraced by star hoping to lose pounds for Kardashian Christmas

Cailtyn Jenner is in the Jungle alone with the other I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! 2019 contestants. She has revealed her weight loss aspirations.


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She revealed how she was hoping to lose weight in the Jungle before heading out there.

Caitlyn is hoping to slim down for the Kardashian’s annual Christmas bash.

She said: “The only reason I’m doing it is to lose a few pounds.

“I gotta fit into that outfit when I come back. I have the family Christmas party to go to. I wanna look good.”

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Five years ago the star revealled she was only eating small portions.

Caitlyn replaced meat with soy, as well as eating less.

The diet came shortly after her well documented gender transition.

A source told UsWeekly: “She really changed all aspects of her life after her transition, including the way she ate.

“She stopped eating meat almost entirely and started eating more soy products to help decrease the testosterone and increase estrogen.”

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Later in 2008 it was reported Caitlyn was eating less than 1,00 calories a day in a bid to look like a model.

A source told Radar Online: “Caitlyn has taken a cue from Kendall [Jenner] and her model pals on how to get there.”

At the time Caitlyn was only eating 600 calories a day.

The source added: “Caitlyn won’t eat anything that comes from a box or is man-made.

“And she has a chef preparing small meals that she portions out with a scale.”

Numerous cups of coffee was another trick used by the star to keep the pounds off.

How much is Caitlyn Jenner paid for her reality TV work?

Caitlyn appeared on Keeping Up With the Kardashians from the first season.

The popular reality programme followed Caitlyn and then-wife, Kris Jenner, and their lives.


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There have been more than 200 episodes of the show which have spanned over 12 years.

As the show grew in popularity, it is likely they all received a bigger sum of cash.

Although it is not known how much they received for the first few seasons, it was reported in 2015 the family received a deal of $80million, or £60million, to renew the programme.

The family are said to split all the money equally which means Caitlyn is sure to have a got a good chunk.

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