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Best exercises to target stubborn belly fat: Fitness guru’s workout and diet secrets

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Personal trainer and fitness influencer, Emily Furey, regularly wows her almost 69k Instagram followers with her firm and toned abs. Emily told Express readers her go-to exercises and routines to shed belly fat.

She discussed how the right combination of exercise and a balanced diet can set you up to be healthier in the long term.

Emily, who recently launched a new workout programme “FI7NESS” on leading global community wellness and fitness app TRUCONNECT by TV.FIT, said: “For me, the best way to tone and target stubborn fat around the midriff is to exercise in short bursts.

“Whether that’s through HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts or AMRAP workouts (as many repetitions as possible), these are both incredibly efficient styles.

“Given their all-action format, I find they’re great at keeping you engaged too – so you won’t get bored and are more likely to stick to your fitness regime, and ultimately to achieve your goals.”

She added adds: “A common mistake in targeting stubborn belly fat is to simply hammer that one specific area in all that you do.

“In reality, variety will be your best friend, as will compound exercises – that is, exercises that challenge multiple muscle groups to work together at once.”

Emily’s “FI7NESS” programme is based around the seven primal movement patterns – that is, push, pull, squat, lunge, bend, twist, and travel – and all workouts feature seven exercises, performed in seven-minute rounds for a period of seven weeks.

It’s a full-body workout programme incorporating different styles of workouts from cardio to HIIT, to strength.

The fitness guru explained it’s designed to be progressive and the beauty of combining these primal movements, as is also the case with AMRAP workouts, is that your metabolism will remain heightened for a longer period after exercising.

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This forces the body to metabolise fat for longer, contributing to fat loss if this is one of your desired goals.

Emily said: “By having that variety in terms of style of workout and the muscle groups targeted, you’ll keep the body guessing, and it keeps things interesting too.”

She detailed a few of her favourite AMRAP workout moves, perfect if you’re short of time.

Emily said: “Push yourself until you can’t do anymore, even if it’s just five or six minutes.”

Emily’s top three AMRAP moves to burn belly fat

Ground to overheads

  • Pick up any weight from the floor, and then hoist it overhead before returning the item to the ground
  • Complete 10 repetitions

Tips: Gradually add weight as you progress.

Jack Knives

  • Lie on your back with your arms overhead behind you, legs out straight in front with feet raised in the air slightly
  • Bring your arms towards your hips while raising your upper torso off the ground, at the same time bringing your legs up in the air so arms and legs meet in the middle
  • Complete 8 repetitions

Tips: If you find straight legs too difficult, start out by completing the move with a 90-degree bend in the knees, progressing to straight legs.


  • Go from a press-up position into a standing position before completing a star jump
  • Return to the press-up position to start the move
  • Complete six repetitions

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