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Adele weight loss: Star dropped 7 stone by practising same exercise routine every day

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Adele won the Best Song award at the Brit Awards 2022 on February 8. The star’s impressive weight loss has been the subject of headlines since she shared her transformation on social media.

The singer revealed she managed to lose seven stone by following an intense workout routine every day.

However, Adele explained her goal was never to lose weight with it, but to improve her mental health.

She said: “It was because of my anxiety.

“Working out, I would just feel better.

“It never about losing weight, it was always about becoming stronger and giving myself as much time every day without my phone.

“I got quite addicted to it.”

Adele revealed she followed a fitness routine that consisted in working out three times a day.

Her workout routine would start with weight exercises in the morning, a hike or boxing and a session of cardio in the evening.

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