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Adele weight loss: Singer slammed for ‘irresponsible diet’ after losing 7 stone

Adele is the singer known for instant modern classics including Someone Like You and Hello. She has lost a reported seven stone in recent months, shocking with her weight loss in pictures from an Oscars 2020 party.


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Now registered nutritionist has expressed concerns about how the singer lost weight.

James Collier, who is a co-founder of Huel, has worked for 27 years in nutrition and dietetics.

He told “When setting weight loss goals, it’s important to understand the basics of nutrition in order to realise results.

“This shouldn’t just apply for the first few months of a diet, but also sustaining results for the rest of the year.

“What’s sustainable are gradual changes that allow you to stick to the improvements you’ve made.”

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Adele weight loss: Singer slammed for ‘irresponsible diet’ after losing 7 st

This is not the first time Adele’s rapid weight loss has been viewed with some caution by diet and health experts.

A source told People magazine Adele ate a diet of 1,000 a day to slim down.

Dr Zoe Williams and Dale Pinnock appeared on This Morning today to discuss Adele’s weight loss, and Dale warned about restricting calories to 1,000 a day. 

The nutritionist, chef and author said if dieters are eating vegetables then “1,000 calories is a lot of food in terms of volume.”

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But, he went on: “If you are having dense, fatty food like a small steak you are on 750 calories already.”

His diet advice for Britons was to take dieting slowly, and “play the long game.”

“Slow and steady wins the race,” he went on. “Just find something you know can stick to.

“When it’s a drastic switch and you are running on fresh air you won’t stick to it, those small changes keep you in the game.”


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Dale claimed a good way to lose weight long term is to make your favourite meals healthier.

“Give your favourite a facelift, look at what you already enjoy and find ways to me it healthier and reduce the caloric content,” he said.

How can you lose fat?

James said: “To lose fat you need to consume fewer calories than your body uses. When your body doesn’t have enough calories for energy, it uses the energy stored as glycogen in your muscle and liver first, and then your fat stores.

“We recommend you aim to lose up to 1lb of fat per week, any more and it gets hard.

“To lose 1lb of fat per week you need to consume a deficit of around 500kcal per day.

“To lose 2lb of fat per week you need to consume a deficit of around 1,000kcal per day (this is very tough and not recommended for most people).

“As you lose weight, you will need to reduce your calorie intake further to continue losing weight and realise results.”

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