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We Tried Natty Light's New Beer and We Actually Loved It

When I heard the news of Natural Light’s new strawberry lemonade creation, Naturdays, I was overjoyed.

I know I’m in the vast, vast minority here, but I’m actually a Natty Light fan. It’s cheap, it’s light, and you can drink it all day and still walk a (mostly) straight line when you’re finished. I’m always down for a flavored beer or cider, so this sounded like the perfect drink for me.

Naturally (pun definitely intended), I had to try it. But since I’m not exactly known for my refined palate—again, I regularly drink Natty Light—I recruited the rest of the MyRecipes staff to help me out.

Not surprising: I loved it. Somewhat more surprising: So did everyone else.

We loved everything about it, right down to the flamingo-covered can. It’s sweet, but not sickly; it’s got a high enough APV (4.2 percent) to take the edge off after a long day, but it’s certainly not going to get you wasted; and it’s light, but not watery.

Basically, it’s summer in a can.

Look, I know this isn’t going to be a popular opinion and I get it. Everyone loves to hate Natty Light. It’s like the Nickelback of beers: You’ve spent your entire life trashing something, so now it’s hard to admit that it doesn’t taste that bad, or that “How You Remind Me” is actually kinda catchy.

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I’m imploring you, for your own good, to shed your biases long enough to taste this beer. YES, you may not love it; YES, “Naturdays” is a stupid name; and YES, this is clearly being marketed to college-aged women.

But just forget about all that and try the beer. You’ll probably like it more than you think you will. And if you don’t, you’re only out about $1.50 per can.

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