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Wawa Has a Secret St. Patrick's Day Menu, Just FYI

Sure, Wawa is famous for its hoagies—the grab-and-go store was recently named America’s favorite sandwich chain, and there’s even a song about their signature item. (The chorus: I’m eatin’ Wawa hoagies, I’m eatin’ Wawa hoagies, I need a Wawa hoagie, Should I get turkey, roast beef, or bologna?) But did you know the Philadelphia-based company has a secret menu, à la Starbucks?

It’s true, and they just added some new items for St. Patrick’s Day, according to their Twitter. Specifically, three limited-edition smoothies (which sound more like milkshakes).

  • The Pot of Gold Smoothie: Sweet and salty caramel blended with a cream base and topped with whipped cream and rainbow candy pieces.
  • The Mocha Mint Paddy Smoothie: A mint, chocolate, and cream base topped with chocolate whipped cream and rainbow candy pieces.
  • The Good Luck Mint Smoothie: Mint syrup blended with cream and topped with whipped cream and rainbow candy pieces.

To access the secret menu—which is available at all locations through Sunday, March 17 (a.k.a. St. Patrick’s Day)—head to one of Wawa’s touch-screen kiosks and press the four-leaf clover in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Don’t live near a Wawa? The “Good Luck Mint Smoothie” sounds almost exactly like a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. The seasonal treats are often sold out, but, to make things easier, McDonald’s has added a Shamrock Shake tracker function to its app, which you can download here. To save yourself the disappointment of finding out that your closest Mickey D’s isn’t in the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit, simply plug in your zip code to see a map of all the nearby McDonald’s outposts serving up frosty green goodness. Of course, as in previous years, the Shamrock Shake won’t be on the menu for long—Sunday, March 24 is your last chance to grab one before 2020.

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