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Tostitos Is Making Tortilla Chips That Taste Like Guacamole


There’s no denying that any sensible person loves chips and guacamole. For too long, however, anyone who wanted to dip their chips in guacamole had to pay “extra,” even though a just society would make guac free for everyone who wants it.

While my pleas for universal guacamole access remain unanswered, the good news is that Tostitos has found a way to erase the distinction between chips and guac once and for all.

New Hint of Guacamole Tostitos will be out in the coming weeks! These are up on Target's website as well as a few other grocery sites.

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Yup, those are chips with guacamole, tinged with a faint green hue and a taste of creamy deliciousness. As a slogan on the bg warns us, Tostitos really is about to guac our world. Fine by me!

Guacamole isn’t the first flavor that Tostitos has hinted at lately. In the past, they’ve put out various tortilla chips that incorporate hints of lime, jalapeno, and even spicy queso. Much like that last variety, it’s particularly interesting in this case that Tostitos is putting out a product that would seemingly make you less likely to buy one of their dips guacamole dips as a complimentary purchase. But sometimes, the need to innovate and explore uncharted chip territory trumps more capitalistic impulses.

According to @CandyHunting the all-seeing eye of snack food, you’ll find Tostitos’ Hint of Guacamole chips in the coming weeks, likely at Target in addition to other major retailers.

So will these chips move society beyond the need for traditionally guacamole and usher in a new, revolutionary era in chip eating? Maybe not. But henceforth, let it be known that guacamole can be included rather than extra. 

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