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This TikTok User Makes Her Morning Cup Using Just Coffee Ice Cubes And Milk

We totally support you going to your favorite local coffee shop to start your mornings off right, but everyone should have a go-to recipe to use at home just in case because though store bought is fun sometimes homemade is better. One TikTok user shared her coffee hack and all it involves is some coffee ice cubes and the dairy of your choice.
coffee ice + oat milk + cinnamon✨ have you ever made coffee ice cubes? #youhaveto #asmr #coffee #morningcheer
TikTok users are constantly sharing their cooking and kitchen hacks and recipes, and this one might be the most useful one you’ve seen since Dalgona Coffee. When you need a caffeine boost but don’t have the time to whip your coffee up until it gets creamy, @Katielopynski’s method is a great way to prepare your iced coffee for the day.

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In the short video, you see her fill up a glass with coffee ice cubes from the viral mini ice cube tray that TikTok is obsessed with. Then, rather than adding in any liquid coffee, she just fills the rest of the glass with oat milk and a pinch of cinnamon for added flavor. Using coffee ice cubes ensures the coffee doesn’t get diluted as it would with normal ice cubes, and it also means the iced coffee will stay cold even as it melts together.
Similar to Dalgona Coffee, you can customize this hack to fit your needs and preferences. Instead of a pinch of cinnamon, you can opt for a sprinkle of pumpkin spice or a dash of vanilla—whatever tickles your caffeinated fancy.

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