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This Portable Utensil Set Helps Me Cut Down on Single-Use Plastic at Work

Grabbing disposable utensils from the office kitchen is something most of us do on a daily basis without a second thought. It wasn’t until my office stopped stocking my floor’s kitchen with plastic forks, spoons, and knives—forcing me to walk down and back up two flights of stairs before I could eat my lunch—that I took notice. Instead of stockpiling plastic utensils at my desk, I decided to make a more environmentally-friendly upgrade.

I invested in a set of portable reusable utensils in order to cut back on my single-use plastic consumption at work (and avoid an extra trip downstairs for supplies every day). Already a fan of W&P Porter’s portable lunch bowl, I was excited to try out the brand’s new portable utensil set, trusting that it would deliver the same quality and sleek look of my go-to reusable lunch container.

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The compact set comes with a stainless steel fork, knife, and spoon that all feature a slim design. The three pieces easily tuck inside the included silicone sleeve, which comes in modern colors like charcoal, blush, and mint, for easy travel and storage.

I like to keep mine at my desk so I always have utensils on hand for my office lunch, but you can safely toss the set in any bag without worrying about it (or any of your belongings) getting dirty. It’s ideal for picnics, beach days, travel, or any other time you need to eat on the go.

Perhaps the best part? The sustainable silverware is completely dishwasher-safe, which makes switching over from disposable plastic to reusable stainless steel that much easier. And even if you hand wash, it’s a low-effort way to make your daily life a little bit more eco-friendly.

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