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The Makers Of Instant Pot Just Released A Coffee Maker That Is Compatible With Nespresso Pods And K-Cups

The Instant Pot has quickly become a staple appliance for every kitchen because of how easy it makes meal-prepping. Fortunately, the same brand that brought you the multi-cooker has released a coffee maker, called the Instant Pod, that will make your morning routine so much more efficient.
The Instant Pod is a dual purpose coffee machine that can make single-brew coffees or espressos. It’s compatible with K-cups, Nespresso pods, and reusable capsules if you want to limit your single-use plastic (which, of course, we hope you do!). Note that the Nespresso pods have to be the “original” size in order to work with the Instant Pod machine.

Instant Pod Coffee & Espresso Maker
One of the most impressive features is how many different beverage sizes the Instant Pod can make. With the coffee maker, you can choose from six different cup sizes from as little as a two-ounce espresso shot to as large as a 12-ounce drink to fill a travel mug.
It’s just 13 inches tall and about seven inches wide, making it a compact appliance that can easily fit in cabinets or on your countertop. The machine is exclusively available at Walmart right now for $119, and there’s an Instant Milk Frother that you can buy as well to make custom drinks at home.
These past few months have probably taught you just how important it is to be able to make quality coffee at home, so it’s about time you make a worthy investment in a good machine.

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