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The 4 Things Jillian Michaels Eats Every Day—Plus 3 She Avoids

It doesn't take much effort to see that Jillian Michaels is the picture of health: Glowing skin, lots of energy, and a toned tummy to boot. We talked with the fitness expert about how she maintains such a svelte figure while balancing her career, activism, speaking engagements, and of course, motherhood. We were pleased to find out she doesn’t spend two hours in the gym every day just to stay fit—Michaels says diet makes the biggest impact for her, and it can for you, too.

Michaels told us the four foods she eats (almost) every day not only to stay fit, but also eat for longevity. She prioritizes eating some kind of fermented dairy daily—such as Greek Yogurt or cultured cottage cheese—and has an amazing gut health trick she follows when eating it. The trainer also loves fueling her body with fresh, organic fruits and veggies, as they have fiber, vitamins, minerals, and some serious antioxidant power.

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While those foods weren’t exactly surprising, we were pretty intrigued by the other two: Michaels says she also can’t live without bread and chips! For bread, she particularly loves Dave’s Killer Bread for making hearty, fiber-rich sandwiches and is partial to the Powerseed variety for the taste and omega-3 boost.

Now, let’s talk about the whole chips thing. Michaels really does eat them regularly!

“I need chips. I. Need. Them.” Michaels says.

Now, we’re not talking a big bag of greasy potato chips here. Michaels finds lighter options that still give her the crunch she needs without being completely devoid of nutrition. For example, she loves blue corn tortilla chips and popcorn made with simple ingredients that give you all the flavor without the bloat.

As for what she doesn’t eat? No surprises: The fitness guru steers clear of refined sugars, white carbs, and ultra-processed foods in general (here's what counts as ultra-processed). She said she does her best to eat her nutrients, and that’s a whole lot easier when you’re diet is centered around whole, nutritious foods!

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Michaels says she was overweight as a kid and letting herself have refined sugar is similar to an alcoholic taking a drink. She finds it best to just avoid it altogether and satisfy her sweet tooth with more natural options, like freezer pops, energy bites, and fresh fruit.

One of Michael’s favorite sweet treats is a Chocolate Goji Chia Pudding. The recipe is available on her app—My Fitness By Jillian Michaels, but she's also sharing it with Cooking Light readers. She says this pudding is not only super tasty, it’s easy to make and loaded with superfoods for a sneakily healthy dessert or breakfast.


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