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Target Has Disney Pumpkin-Decorating Kits That Don’t Require You To Do Any Carving

Carving a pumpkin is one of those things that always seems a lot more fun in theory than it is in execution, like blind dates or grocery shopping. And not to mention, getting your pumpkin to resemble anything other than a slightly off-center smiley face is basically impossible. Luckily these Disney no-carve pumpkin kits exist and no one has to know just how it easy it was to make a pumpkin look this cool.
Even though it’s barely August, these kits are popping up at Target already. There are quite a few to choose from, all inspired by your favorite Disney characters like Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Cinderella. Jack and Sally both come with pieces to create their faces while Cinderella looks chic inside of her pumpkin carriage. To decorate, you just line the pieces up where you want and then push them into the pumpkin! It’s that easy. These kits are available for pre-order on Target now and will ship on August 27. Chances are you weren’t getting a pumpkin yet anyway, but you may as well get it out of the way!
In addition to those kits, Target is selling a TON of others including ones that look like R2-D2, which, yes, also counts as Disney too, and one that looks like a unicorn. Seriously, just do a quick search and I am sure you will find the perfect kit of your Halloween dreams. Best of all, they’re each $10 or less (the unicorn is mini but it’s just THREE BUCKS), so the whole fam will be freed from the expectations of actually carving a pumpkin and get time back to eat a whole lotta candy. Everyone wins.

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