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Sam’s Club Is Selling Huge Boxes Of Frank’s Hot Sauce Chicken Bites For The Easiest Appetizer

Leading up to the Super Bowl, it’s only right that people start planning what food spread they’ll have for the big day. For the most part, any sporting event is best accompanied by a ton of appetizers, and that’s where big box retailers like Sam’s Club come in handy. The wholesale club is selling giant boxes of Frank’s Red Hot chicken bites that will be the main event of your snack table.
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The best part about this Sam’s Club find is that the chicken bites are already fully cooked so they require minimal effort in the kitchen. They’re made from all-white meat chicken breast and are then breaded and coated in Frank’s Red Hot signature cayenne pepper sauce. This does mean that they have a little bit of a kick to them, but that’s nothing some blue cheese or Ranch dressing can’t fix.
Each box of the chicken bites weighs in at about 27 ounces, making it over a pound-and-a-half per package. According to a post from @samsclubmembers on Instagram, the boxes go for $7.98 and the signage does indicate that the chicken bites are a limited time offer. There’s no clear clue as to when the Frank’s chicken bites will be off shelves, but it seems they’ve arrived just in time for the Super Bowl so if you see them you might as well pick them up before the big game. Save a package or two for me, though, please and thanks!

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