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Salsa Con Queso Cheetos Are Back And They’re The Stuff Of Dreams

“Salsa con Queso Cheetos are what dreams are made of,” the Instagram post read. “We spotted them at Dollar General, and immediately had to stock up on them, because the bag mentions it’s a limited time only flavor. Although there is no official word from Frito-Lay yet, we do believe that these are a Dollar General exclusive. You NEED these Cheetos in your life! SO flavorful! Chester, you really, really know how to make us happy.”
Chester Cheetah really does know how to keep fans happy, and he’s been thinking outside of the chip bag lately. We recently tried Cheetos and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Popcorn, and they’re both perfect snacks. The brand also dropped a well-reviewed trio of mac and cheeses, which look exactly like the chips.
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